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100 Demons: 

"100 Demons"










1 - Time Bomb
2 - Destiny never came
3 - Dying in my own Arms
4 - Repeat Process
5 - Something terrible
6 - Lord have Mercy
7 - Non Believer
8 - Hid Father's Son
9 - Never surrender Virtue (no desit virtus)


Pete Morcey - vocals
Rich Rosa - drums
Jeremy Braddock - guitar
Rick Brayall - guitar (solos)
Erik Barret - bass



 Deathwish Inc / Indigo


recorded at Planet Z studios-  produced by Zeuss and 100 Demons - mastered by Alan Douches at West west side music

release date 26.07.2004


A violent and unstoppable death-crossover for 100 Demons in their self title full length. Blind fury, merged with mastery and wise parsimony to melodic incursions mixed with riffs of guitar and doble drums very quick and hammering.

In “Time Bomb” and “Destiny Never Came” the sound is simply destructive: quite intelligent are the sound solutions making these songs original and innovative. A growl the one by Pete Morcey winning on candenced riffs and relentless rhythm, recreating a sort of “fight to the last note”.

Dying In My Own Arms” it’s almost an emo-core song, managing to express itself in less articulated but more emotionally strong sonorities!

The drumming by Rich Rosa is a true splinter ripping the sound veil of bass and guitars, creating sound slashes from which droplets of blood-like scarlet voice drip.

In “Repeat Process” I am particularly surprised by the choice of a clean voice clearly recalling the In Flames’style. A tenacious yet delicate song, where music and ideas find a personal place in the band’s performance.

Something Terrible”, “Lord have Mercy” and “Non Believer” are developed following the path started by 1, proposing a great technique with strong sounds, even though a bit too similar to each other.

We find episodes of great geniality in this album that, unfortunately, are reproposed too many times in the CD. Some hints to the sound of Swedish Death guitars refined and cured is in “Hid Father’Son”, a song saving the album from becoming monotone. Less double drum for a rhythm more marked by bass working playing round with the muted guitar riffs.

The voice of Pete Morcey keeps going almost forgetting the context of the CD, managing to carry on a parallel music idea ending in Never surrender Virtue (No desit Virtus), a song with a bit undertone riffs appearing tired, in opposition to a powerful rhythm.

All in all this is a good work, with very good ideas, but they are too few and not well distributed. A work to be perfected.

rating: 7/10

Sara De Vita 16.07.2004 


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