- Unable
- Nothing Safe
- Mess
- Something More Than Nothing
- Deviate Minds (Demo Ver. 2k Bonus Track)


Guido Torres - Drums

Cristiano De Divitiis - Vocals

Dario Cuccurullo - Guitar

Massimo Barrella - Guitar

Luca Carucci - Bass


3rd : "Promo 2003"      3rd

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____ 


Boldness, determination, passion, power, personality and technique…these are the ingredients that are needed by a band to have success in such articulated a world as the musical one…particularly the metal scene!!!

…well, the 3rd, an italian band with a fierce and impacting sound have all these requirements…and be sure we’ll soon be eharing about them…no longer only in the underground world.

But before describing their last work let’s have a look at their bio.

3rd were born in January 1998 out of Delirio, a well-known Italian thrash metal band from the 90s.

After few months they released their first two track-demo that gains the magazines' approval: the music we play is a personalized post thrash with different influence from Machine Head to Alice in Chains.

In 1999 thanks to M. Fontaine's Whiplash Productions 3rd publish their first EP "Nonexistence" distributed by 99th Floor.

It gains excellent critics and the band popularity increases.

In 2000 3rd publish a new 3 track-EP ("Highest Human Form") produced by Raptures Asylum in Cagliari, which testifies a further evolution… the sound is more "up-to-date" and there is a greater interest in melodic refrain. The resulting product is a "straight in your face" album though it's different from the rest of the standard metal things.

In 2002 there is a change in the line-up: Tullio Carleo leaves its role in the band to the former drummer Guido Torres.

The new drummer helps 3rd music become more aggressive: the final step of this evolution is the new coming promo released in February 2003.

The 4 tracks of the promo are 100% pure energy, with electronic inserts and great melodic parts.

And exactly with this new lineup and a musical and interpretational maturity that 3rd deserve all of the attention from the persons in the works.

“Unable”, first song in the cd (and the upcoming viedo clip as well), is really refined and at the same time quite raw…

The relentless rhtythm by Guido Torres marks the most important passages of this song perfectly performed by the aggressive voice of Cristiano De Divitiis. This song unwinds into very quick moments with stout and heavy riff, alterning to mid tempos that create an apparent calm atmosphere exploding in a hidden and violent rage… “there’s something better”.

Perfect musical resolutions and and a technique found in more famous bands are the winning cards of the guitars by Dario Cuccurullo and Massimo Barrella, able to create unforeseen melodic lines…and all related to a marvellous idea of “modern metal” ensuring that “Nothing Safe”, the second song of this promo, that is quite similar to a full etiquette work, looks quite apart from the metal standard, thus prokecting into an almost experimental genre (with strong personality), yet never denying its metal origins in the widest sense of the term.

…talk about “Mess”… slipping on the notes the smooth interpretation of Luca Carucci playing bass guitar cleaning up the raw tracts of a song growing in its interpretaion, to explode in a fierce aggression… yet the slow tempos are not lacking, allowing the band to show not only a good ability of “high speed flying on the notes”, but also to create melodies that strongly mark the concepts.

“Something More Than Nothing”, last song (alas!) on this cd, excluding the bonus track “Deviate Minds”, from their previosu demo, comes easily after the previous songs…

Here, the precision and spped of Guido Torres are more clear managing a duet with Cristiano de divitiis’ voice…becoming a carrying element of the song.

All in all a cd deserving to be listened to…

We’ll hear about them very soon…be sure, it won’t longer be in the underground world… believe me!

Sara De Vita  


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