1. Head held high
2. Only Time will tell
3. Back on the Wagon ... again
4. Unite or fall
5. Gone but not forgotten
6. Side by Side
7. One for all and all for me
8. Stand my Ground
9. Irish Eyes
10. Forty Years of Misery
11. Hollow Words
12. A Life we choose to live

Rob Crebbin - vocals, guitar

Kyle Douglas - vocals, bass

Tom Saunders - guitar

Dave Humphries - drums

4FT FINGERS: "A Cause for Concern"      Golf/Plastichead     

distributed in Switzerland (CH)  by Irascible Distribution      

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

The best way I can describe this band is that they sound A LOT like Bad Religion with an awful lot of early 90’s alternative influences. The guitars sound very punkish, there’s distortion but it’s not chugging. What sets them apart from being full-blown punk is that the band plays on average of three chords or more (let me stress that “more”) per song. The lyrics are sung without the usual attitude I’ve come to expect from punk acts. 

As for a modern rock/alternative band, they are top notch. As for the drumming, I can tell just by listening to the songs the drummer, has had a lot of experience playing with different bands with different styles. Out of everything this band has to offer, this is my favorite part. There’s some real original rhythms the drummer is hammering out, but most of which could be found in any good alt-punk band like...Bad Religion. Not to say that the drummer is bad or anything, I doubt half the drummers out there can do what this guy is doing.

The lyrics are sung like poetry half the time and the other half he’s talking to “someone” using words like “you” in songs. Other times during these songs, the singer is mainly just singing nonsense as the drummer is drumming out something complex and the guitar is trying to change things up every twenty or so seconds. The bass playing, aside from “Gone But Not Forgotten” and “Side By Side”, is not that great. He basically follows the guitar player. It’s like Jazz, only without technicality.

I have come up with the conclusion that this CD and band is marketed to The 14-18 demographic. I’m not sure if I’d buy this CD now. Maybe when I was 14 or so, but now @ 23? No. I wouldn’t see the band either. This band would be perfect to open up for Papa Roach or P.O.D. or something. The good part, the recording seems to be top notch, I have no problem in which it was recorded. Every part sounds great and to be honest the vocals especially sound great. Matter of fact, I’ll go as far to say that the band is a gem for the modern rock/alternative genre. The band almost seems like a coffee shop type group. Although I wouldn’t see the band personally, I wouldn’t complain if they were playing at a festival in between bands.  High-points would be the sonic quality of this CD was great, the transitions within the songs themselves were superb, and the drumming was very interesting to listen to. Low-points, most of the songs sounded the same and the lyrics weren’t great either. At times the band sounded very…. scattered and all over the place. If you’re not into anything heavy, try this band out.

Rating:  6/10 


Matthew  Haumschild 
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