1- 7th Banner
2- Omega Dei
3- Phoenix  Resurrectio

Xavier: Guitar 

Alex : Guitar

Mat : Bass 

Sargon : Vocals  

Andrew:  Drums


7th NEMESIS : "Promo CD"             7thnemesis

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Technical Brutal  Death with Black influences , enjoyable and varied. Massive and and crushing but never boring. A melodic drop and elastic abilities  too support the  musical content

I personally think that France is the land of the natural good taste. French people seem to have, in general,  a kind  of elegance of its own and deliver it in a natural way in (almost) every thing they are doing. And when this elegance is transposed into Metal the result can be amazing. And if the metal with which we deal is a brutal  form of Death/Black , you can imagine that this brutality is proposed with enormous heaviness and angriness but also with an enjoyable variety of chords and with  good -shaped,  lively different phrases. 7th Nemesis, coming from Paris area and born from the ashes of Sarganas in December 2000,  show the same attitude in brutality like Harmony Dies have, but,  of course, comparisons with Cannibal Corpse and  Carcass  can be done. But fact is that the influences are well measured within the range of the single technical elements, while the general frame is a massive bone- cracker proceeding, enriched by variety in rhythm, vocals and muscial contents. The result is very positive, and you cannot make anything else than to  remain interested , even when brutal Death is not your fav modulus. 7th Nemesis play extreme music, but  the agreeable  pounding rhythmic session, the mixture between Death and Black , the very elastic vocals than spam  from  guttural throated barked growlings to evil screamings, the guitar technique that goes from tremolo picking to  Florida style, make of this extreme music something very scary, original, powerful , extremely massive , and   fully listenable.   This music is proposed with high technicality, competence and  good production. Maybe it's even too technical, and the great research to an impressive degree of technicality may restrain  the bursts of total free expression and impulsivity, but , after all, this really ends into a question of personal preference.   7th Nemesis are clever, skilful  and can handle with a tremendous genre with elegance and richness of ideas.

Opener 7th Banner is a massive angry attack based on brutal Death supported by Black tecniques , with interesting tempo changings and  agile vocal passages: from barked guttural growling to screaming, with just only a drop of a  certain angry  downtuned stop start compulsion    typical of the nu metal too, but only as very  short intermezzo. The song is brutal scary Death that span from speed  to hammering mid tempo. All in all the influences are mixed well, making of this track a pure pleasure in insanity.  American and European taste meet each another with success.

Omega Dei is supported by catchy loopings and overwhelming riffings. Hyperheavy, presents the same suffocation , the same weight, and the same crushing effect of 7th Banner (thanks also to  tank-rhythmics and cutting lead strokes ).  Growlings and evil screamings result absolutely  fascinating to be heard. Progressive slow -down  in the final

Phoenix Resurrection is much more ecleptic and the Black  attitude is  even much stronger, but,  between   powerful raspy mid tempo and tremolo bursts ,  a passage of melody and sadness, supported by a kind of military snaring, opens up like a space -time distortion . The evilness goes on embedded in a speed  angry Black soundscape,  with melodic calls.

This 3 - tracks (ONLY) promo was released  in april 2002, but , heard now, has lost nothing of its fascination. And the band has worked a lot in the meanwhile:  7th Nemesis  signed  a deal with Skull fucked in February 2003 for the release of the  4 tracks split Cd "Chronicles of a Sickness" with the Austrian band Punishment. Unfortunately, or, better said , very unfortunately ,  in July 2003 Sargon leaves the band who is  currently looking for a new  vocalist to record the already composed 1st full length album( it should be called Violentia Imperatrix Mundi if i am right)  involved in a tetralogy-concept    of four major topics : Violence, Chaos, Reification and Existence. 

Innovative enough  and with a certain  attitude of mixing aesthetics with fright, this band should be known by all Death/Black Metallers. It is really worth...waiting for the full length.

Rating: 8/10


dalia di giacomo    
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