by Dalia "gryphon_spirit" Di Giacomo
Well yes, it's possible: a fan and admirer of Heavy metal and Rock Progressive can found a label of his own like Mr. Aldo Bonanno , chef of this interesting Italian label , did. After a consolidated experience like manager he decided to produce  support  and promote in first person young  talented bands: Wounded Knees and  Equiseti not only in Italy but in other parts of Europe too like France (Musea records distribution ) and Benelux (Distribee). Heavy metal and Prog as job and passion.

Via Papa Giovanni 52   17031 Albenga    (SV)  ITALY 

tel - fax 0182/52510
cell. 339/6935947




   "Heyoke" 1. Come in / Curley
2. Perceptions of reality (the beast)
3. Red stained childhood
4. Achtung banditen!
5. Apo-logy
6. Anna Mae
7. Sententia

the Heyoke line up

Fabrizio Bonanno: electric and acoustic guitars key-programming  sequencer
Maurizio De Palo: drums
Davide Galletti: bass


Filippo Cantarella: keyboards
Paolo Ferrarese: vocals
Andrea Garella: piano


This band around "mastermind" and guitarist Fabrizio Bonanno is rather well known in the Italian scene: born like cover band, Wounded Knee develop very soon their own musical way, gathering many good critics. With the song "Phenomena" Wounded Knee took part in the 2 CD compilation released through the label Black Widow "E tu vivrai nel terrore" (tribute to Horror and Gothic movies with cover art by H.R. Giger) together with acts like Death SS. Heyoke is their second and latest full length album , released on June 2001. The band is now working on new stuff with 2 new musicians in the line up: Matteo Peluffo (vocals) and Marco Manzani (guitar - keyboards). Heyoke is very remarkable , not only for the good music expressed inside, but also for the concept that inspired its creation. But before speaking a little bit about Heyoke, i would point out that Wounded Knee is, in my opinion, a very engaged band in the cultural, social and ethnic field, let's take just their name :  actually Wounded Knee is a place in the USA in which a massacre against the Indians has been perpetrated in 1890. And this concept of historical and social hints inserted in their music is also the soul of Heyoke, an album centred on different characters who lived and fighted for their ideals or were simply victims of awful moments of the past. So every track is dedicated to one of these characters: for example "Curly" is dedicated to Crazy Horse, "Sententia" to Fabio Campanella, "Achtung Banditen" to the partisans of the WWII, "Perceptions of Reality" to Albert Hoffman, "Red stained Childhood" to all children victims of wars, "Anna Mae" to an American "redskinned" woman, killed in very dubious circumstances . And the word Heyoke is a Lakota term which means "opposite". 

"The boundaries of sanity I see

The light of the morning star

will shine no more

The whistle of the wind

became a tempest of pain

voices into my head

sorrounding my grave

we're children victims of war

won't sigh nomore..."


Moreover the lyrics are  written not only in English but in Italian too ("Achtung Banditen!") and even in ancient Renaissance Italian ("Sententia"): thing this one that will capture the attention of every Leonardo da Vinci fan like me.

And the music?  Between Heavy and Prog , sometimes with a touch of Power above all as far as the vocals are concerned, Heyoke presents seven ecleptic tracks, in which ,in spite of the clear prog orientation, you can find many varied inspirations, speed and mid-paced tempos, melody and heaviness; rough, crunchy biting guitars, with a lead creating musical embroideries. But above all you will find a lot of ability, energy and virtuoso moments. Ok, we are not in front of Dream Theater but the band is very talented and the tracks are played with an admirable self-confidence and smoothness. I would add that for me personally a certain  subtle echo of Judas Priest too makes this band even more lively and unmistakable "metal". In the opener Curley a cool violin can be heard and the presence of an instrumental track (Apo-Logy) is not missed. Their music is far away of being monotonous and commercial . Overall a quality and varied album , very interesting to be listened to. A work done by true musicians  that should be appreciated by all who wants from Rock/Metal music something more than the usual.

And finally last but not least, Wounded Knees, is organizing a series of gigs together with Equiseti in order to support the  fight against vivisection. Thumbs up!

the current line up:

Fabrizio Bonanno - guitars
Davide Galletti - bass
- backing vocals
Maurizio De Palo - drums
Matteo Peluffo - vocals
Marco Manzani - guitars
- keyboards

these pics are taken from www.abrecords.it 
more photos of Wounded Knee  at http://www.abrecords.it/bands/WoundedKnee/foto.htm 
"Il Rito" 1. Crystal square (the cube)
2. Nerone
3. Wind of freedom
4. When a dog finds a home
5. Winter lake
6. Freak out
7. Le valli perdute
8. Wayana
9. Hunt the hunter!
10. Il bosco

11. Il bosco (Videoclip)

Simone Carabba - vocals

Fabrizio Bonanno - guitars
Federica Rubino -
electric and acoustic bass
Maurizio De Palo - drums


Maurizio De Palo: drums, percussions, psaltery  calimba;
Daniela Tessore: voice;
Massimo "Muppets" Malco: contrabass;
Luca Vignati: acoustic effects;
Samoa Raimondo: storyteller.

It seems that the current inspiration for Equiseti is the nature in its many facettes, but we can find also tracks  characterized by a subtle but mercyless criticism against the politics of Rome ("Nerone")or against the vivisection ("When a dog finds Home") . In general, Equiseti propose and showcase  a  Prog highly melodic music , very far from Power,  rhythmed , many times cactchy, enhanced by lead guitar virtuosisms, always fully agreeable. The melody  and the sound structure finds its roots in the modern and intellectual Italian typical metropolitan scheme, flourishing in the 80's and 90's thanks to a great generation of Italian singer-songwriters. 

Equiseti enhance their album also with the use of many unusual instruments, like psaltery and calimba, which provide an unique mixture of prog metal and ethnic flavours. The lyrics, here again, are in English and Italian ("Nerone"  - "Il bosco"). On the CD "Il Bosco" is present also as videoclip. In Il Rito we can listen to "round" clear male vocals supported also by a beautiful female contribution. All in all the album is very deep , intense, once again ecleptic, with a lot of enjoyable musical experimentations. The use of so many instruments and the few but original acoustic and not- metal passages make this album very creative. It  can be truly appreciated  by those who sincerely love the Prog (like the Dream Theater fans), the Medieval too, and the music with ethnic touch. Equiseti are an intelligent and clever band to be recommended to everyone that  doesn't dislike to listen to a totally different genre from the Death or Black. The dominating presence of a group of varied instruments played with ability and agility, giving origin to a sonic kind of voyage around the world, mediated by an Italian taste, offers a new vision and a new horizon within the Prog. Among all these valuable 10 tracks, always "signed" by  very energetic but agreeable drums,  i personally like very much the charming instrumental Winter Lake, that i personally enjoy more than many Dream Theater compositions; the heavy, a little bit trashy and stop-starty "When a Dog finds Home", and the  beautiful  opener "Crystal Square (the Cube)": catchy, melodic, at times heavy ,at times gently, with so many guitar "plots" which create a web in which you will like to be a prisoner!

C'era un tempo

in cui il mondo parlava alla terra

quando la luna sorrideva alla notte...

...era il tempo delle valli , le valli perdute"


There was a time

when the world was speaking to the earth

when the moon was smiling to the night...

...it was the time of the valleys, of the lost valleys"

Dalia FC Di Giacomo
this pic is  from www.abrecords.it 
more photos of Equiseti  at http://www.abrecords.it/bands/Equiseti/foto.htm


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