Armageddon (intro)
Disgust and Rage (Sic transit Gloria Mundi)
A Dog-Eat-Dog World
Ruinrama Kolossal S.P.Q.R.
Suffer Catalyst
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Man Bites God
I Reject!




Malfeitor Fabban - bass gtr., synth and vocals
Bard G. Eithun Faust - battery
Prime Evil - ILSAne vocals
Nysrok - guitars and synth

Featuring Attila Csihar as guest in his last appearance with Aborym, Cultoculus (Con Anima, Perdition Hearse) on spoken vocals, Richard Szabo (TWZ)


ABORYM: "Generator"     aborym           

release date 20.02.2006

Recorded  between April and July 2005 in Rome

preview - review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____      

Archaic yet futuristic, "Generator" projects ancient evilness into the stream  of time. Among the mortals, Aborym, the band,   play an old, new aftermath. 


Archaic yet futuristic, "Generator" projects ancient evilness into the stream  of time. From a far past  towards an incoming perspective.  Black Metal can definitely  maintain  the prestigious place in the begin of this new century, prophetically disclosing  forthcoming  visions of ruin and decay also.  The Italian Aborym  are the proof.  They are able to infuse new solemn and threatening  imagery into traditional patterns, therefore this fourth album is an excellent representative of the Industrial Melodic Black Metal genre, where the Industrial/Electronic  part is kept in counterbalance  and properly embedded in  an epic, slightly symphonic background , or even  bound  with  a drop of spherical Black too as it happens in the huge, asphyxiating and partially submerged pulsing  title track "Generator" .  And even moments of crushing melodic Death metal show up, for example in  in Suffer Catalyst,  mixed with vicious morbid melodies and valuable  lead solo's and some guitar arpeggios.  


Fans of Melodic Black Metal, who like heavy menacing stuff, involving eruptions of angry riffs, pummeling rhythms but also  sinister modernized mechanized visions and fearful  industrial samples, cannot be wrong  with this mighty opus which moreover marks  an important evolution in the band. In fact "Generator" presents  drummer Bård "Faust" G. Eithun aka Faust (ex-Emperor, Scum) as  a permanent part of the line up: no more drum machine, this time  a skillful drummer gives fuel to the spectacular musical scenery. On the other hand , after  seven years of  cooperation with Aborym, Attila Csihar (Mayhem) leaves a "farewell" song, Man bites God, anyway  vocals  remain  intensively  featured, now  by  Ravn Preben Mulvik aka Prime Evil (Mysticum, Amok) , appearing  as a more vicious, rasping  version of Marduk's Motuus  bloodlust timbre , but also reminding of  Immortal in a certain way. The presence  of founder member Fabban Malfeitor, who is doing a great work  on bass , synth and backing vocals, is a guarantee of continuity.


Industrial Black  can be so menacing and delightful, in particular  when you , listening to this music,  can  really feel  an  evil breath running down your neck, a perception of rasping sorrowful revenge and hatred that will survive eternally. "Generator"  showcases dynamism, marching among mysticism, esoteric and apocalypse, ruin and sadness. The electro/industrial layers add, in this case,  a film of rendered,  three-dimensional ambience. An horror and a darkness you can touch. 


In general, "Generator" is solemn, massive; it delivers moments of rabid attack  as well as moments of slow nightmare and good melodies.  The instrumental short intro Armageddon is esoteric- ritual-oriented, it is a door to eons, vivified by diabolic attitude, launching then the almost  six minutes long Disgust and Rage (Sic transit Gloria Mundi). Disgust and Rage is a discharge of both rage and solemnity  sustained by elegant Black picking,  Death influences , chants and a lusting carpet of keyboards and well proposed tempo changes. A Dog-Eat-Dog World follows melodic and gloomy , atmospheric, somehow funereal yet strong and  vibrating. 

A bit harsh  and abrupt is the passage to the more Epic Ruinrama Kolossal S.P.Q.R.,  a song structured in the wake of Symphonic Black, where we can also be cut by the blade of some  orverdriven lead guitar passages: more than  six minutes of ancestral  subjugation. Generator is so rich  and well  conceived, that it turns into  a dangerous journey in a future Inferno Empire after the waste. Elements  that remind of Norwegian  Black metal are combined with  melodic episodes and echoing fluid slow terror. 

The three further  pieces are superb, Suffer Catalyst is very Death Metal influenced and always mixed with Industrial layers and unpredictable melodies. Soaked with disillusion in mankind , Suffer Catalyst showcases drums which are  set in a earthshaking mood. The rhythmic section is unleashing moments of blowing  ride, that morph into a more haunting SymphoBlack. Noticeable the lead solo in American style. 

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is very anchored to the roots and to Death metal, again showing drilling  short solos and melodies in Immortal style, with  pounding rhytms and evil electro-vibes. Commanding and breathtaking is the staccato  to the electro- spacey  ride, supported by a true metal drumming. Man bites God, sung by Attila Csihar, begins with  melodic loops, evil bass beats and blood seeking horrorific  vicious whispers, finally   the  fast attack is triggered  while the  heavy melodic symphonic structure will come after.

The last song begins under a cold pouring rain; here melodic sorrow and rocking attitude will build together this short , not innovative, yet enjoyable and  ardent I reject! : a conclusion, a fading away in strength  and solitude.


Among the Satans, Aborym, the Duke,  spreads out destruction; while , among the mortals, Aborym, the band,   play an old, new aftermath.

rating: 9/10


dalia di giacomo 
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