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War In The Sky
The Time Has Come


Antonis Koumiotis - vocals

Jim Vlahonatsios - bass

Spyros Apostolou - guitar

John Geropoulos - guitar

Stavros Albanis - drums

George Fysaris - keyboards


ACID RAIN: "War in the Sky"         acid rain         


review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

          “Acid Rain” were born from the ashes of love, passion and thirst for genuine and spontaneous Epic Heavy Metal. This is how their press report begins and it reflects the band’s music very trully.The band was formed in 1998 when they made a new beginning.Members were in Soulblade since 1996.They come from Volos, Greece and the band consists of Antonis Koumiotis (vocals), Jim Vlahonatsios (bass), Spyros Apostolou (guitar), John Geropoulos (guitar), Stavros Albanis (drums), George Fysaris (keyboards).The band was not active during 1998-2001 but in the meanwhile they worked hard on their material. After this break, the band returned in 2003 and here we have the ‘War In The Sky’ demo.

            The production of this demo is weak and it hasn’t been given much attention. The songs though are interesting and I am sure that their next release will feature them in a proper sound that will do justice to them. First song is the title song of the demo ‘War in the Sky’ and it’s an Epic Metal song in the classic patterns of the genre. A good opener for the cd and for live concerts as well. The first thing that attracts one’s attention are the vocals which sound a bit strange and some may say they are bad but this guy has found his own way of expressing the lyrics and his singing although it’s not technical it sounds very epic.

The second song of the demo is ‘Revenge’ and it’s an 8 minute song which has more riffs and melodies from the opening track,  its lyrics are very good too. Third and last song of the demo is ‘The Time has come’,  another interesting song probably the best of the 3 songs featured in this demo release. I must also mention some cool samples the band has used in their songs with sound from battles which adds a lot to they lyrics and their music style in general.

            All in all, we have a very good release from a band that has come back after a big pause and although the production lacks in many parts the songs are promising and I look forward to hearing new material from them and these 3 songs again in a clearer sound. I suggest all metal fans to check their website at http://acidrain.xweb.gr

And download some of their tunes.

Contact : Radio Marconi, Antoni Koumiotis, Anapauseos-Karampatzaki 38 441 N. Ionia-Magnesia/Hellas

E-mail : acirainband2003@yahoo.gr or acidrain@xweb.gr


“Sky Warriors F.C.”

Official Greek Acid Rain Fan Club Web Site : www.geocities.com/skywarriorsfanclub

Rating: - 


Dimitris Theodoropoulos  

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