1. Codependent
2. Rip The Heart Out Of Me
3. Stand Up
4. Unstable
5. Promises
6. Blame Me
7. So Fortunate
8. Stressin'
9. Do You Hear Me
10. Let Go
11. Betray
12. Needles

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Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    


Adema represents one of the many nu-metal bands that takes inspiration from Linkin Park and Korn! As we know this band was created by Jonatan David's brother(Jonatan is Korn's vocalist) and their music sound can't but take inspiration from Korn!!!!. This new album gets the same sound of the previous one....Good powerful guitars, a good singer and a very good rhytmic session. The production is at the top but I can't but admit there are few ideas concerning the melodies!!!!
I notice that there are few heart-attack songs, even if there are some rather good ideas concerning mid-tempo songs that keep a fairly good quality supported with a good studio-recording work.
They give the best of themselves in mid-tempos songs those in which they're nearer to Linkin Park; In this kind of compostions they get a better expression and they're able to create melancholic atmosphere rich of deepness. I like their perfect arrangements ...Guitars gets good distorsion and some good chorus are used in order to give deepness in the slow-parts.
The title-track is full of perfect eletronic loops and powerful guitars, the melody refrain remind me of Korn!!!A good song ...but it doesn't get originality!
"Ripe the heart out of me" is another Korn's style song...nothing new....!"Stand Up" beging with a very good guitar arpeggio and the songs is better...some good ideas concerning the structure are supported with a nice melody.
I want to underline "Promises" that get a particolar melancholy and a good refrain and fortunate" that is nearer to alternative rock and very far from classic nu-metal.
In my opinion the best song of this album "Betray" that seems to mix a particular kind of melancholic-alternative with classic nu-metal! This song gets originality and in my opinion it could  represent a way to follow for future compositions.
"Let go" turns to pop!!!!An avoidable song, while "Needles" is a very hard song .. without melody...without ideas!!!!There's nothing to say about the other tracks that in my opinion don't get nothing new.  In my opinion their previous album gets better songs in particular concerning the melodies.
At the moment their music is a mixture between alternative rock and nu-metal, and even if there are some good ideas,  in my opinion,  they haven't found a personal own style, and they have to decide upon a concrete musical direction.
Rating: 6/10  
Salvo  Russo    

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