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Johnny Weils - vocals

Erik Larson -guitar

Ryan Lake -guitar

John Peters - bass

Bryan Cox - drums

ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY: "Fulton Hill"  alabama thunderpussy        

distributed in CH by Irascible Distribution       -     street date 19.06.2004

preview - review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___


I was a bit surprised when I found out that Alabama Thunder Pussy (ATP) is not actually from Alabama. I had heard of the band before I got a hold of this CD but I had not heard them. In general, this band sounds like Southern Metal to me which has a very district sound reminiscent of Classic rock. You might ask “what are some bands that are deemed as “southern” metal?” Bands like Corrosion Of Conformity and Clutch. So you have an idea what I am talking about. Although the band’s guitars and drum work sounds like COC, the vocalist sounds a tad different. Here is my synopsis.

I like songs that are  bit unusual! This song is very unorthodox! The guitars and the bass are going down the scale then playing back up the scale while the drum beat is a standard rock beat. The vocals this time remind me kind of like Jay from Kilgore but a lot more guttural! Almost Death Metal guttural in sounding. The rest of the song is very dark sounding I could see a pit forming to this song. If you listen closely you can here a glass tapping sound in the background.  I really like this song, two thumbs up here!

A fast paced song more so than the others on the CD. This song has a lot of classic rock influence at least in the way  the guitars sound. Instead of the usual distortion you here
in bands like Slayer and so forth, it’s more of a fuzz/overdrive sound and it sounds really nice when the drummer hits his crash cymbals with this sound. The song eventually slows down but the vocals, drums and guitars are just pounding! This is another worthy song to bring and play at a party were everyone is going to get fucked up!

Who the heck comes up with the song names? The song involves a lot of screaming. I am beginning to notice that the majority of these songs make me want to drink! This is another great “Party” song. It starts out roaring then it slows down towards the middle  and the songs ends up slowing down and instead of chugging guitars, ends on a more technical type of riffing. It’s kind of like “Blasphemy” it has a medium fast pace to it that you could sit down and chat with friends and have this in the background.

Wage Slave
This song bleeds Southern Rock in a huge way. Bluesy guitar work mixed in with almost  dry sounding drums that are a lot like the Southern Rock of Old. This song definitely has a rock feel to it and anyone who gets paid by the hour can really relate to the lyrics. I can hear this song blasting at any “hole in the wall” bar. This song’s production is top notch. There’s no reason why this wouldn’t appease the masses.  When the song kicked it, I was banging my head the whole time. It’s that type of song.

Overall, I have listened to this CD more than a few times and I really like it. For something of this genre I found it a surprise that I like it so much. Besides of the silly band name, there’s nothing bad I can say about this band.  Although  these are short descriptions of the songs, there is good reason. All the songs on this CD are straight and to the point and when the songs are like this, to go into detailed analysis would be a waste. This CD rocks, get it, when the band comes through town, get all the guys together, despite their musical likings and bring to to the bar to see them.  This is what I call...music to get  fucked up to!

rating:  8/10 


Matthew  Haumschild 
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