Lullaby of Silence


Sip of Thorns

Jailed in Mind

Internal Void

Shattered Honor


Lady Addiction

Screams Noises

A Life with No One




Ugo Rodriguez - Vocals
Philippe Suarez - Guitars
Wladislav Marian - Bass
Edward Hay - Drums

AMOK: "Lullabies of Silence"     amok      

Recorded and mixed at the end of 2005 by Serge Morattel, at the RecStudio in Geneva (Switzerland). Mastered by Allan Douches at the West West Side Studio (NY- The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon...)
during January 2006. Produced by Amok under Fast Beast Entertainment.

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____                       

10 "lullabies" of persistent fury can be so unreal, so sick, so tremendous. 

Could a wish be cursed
could a wish be a curse

10" lullabies" of persistent fury can be so unreal, so sick, so tremendous.

a bitter taste of hate
a bitter taste of nonsense
a so bitter taste 


The lullabies provided by the Swiss Amok are able to become a true inferno running up and down in your nerves. Amok (or ...Koma?) are violent, percussive, nervous, full of  reaction to a sense of nausea, implacable, often magnetic, always very technical and skillful. The band from Geneve vomits on us rage, fears, torment of mind, brutality, desperation  and alienation. Alienation underlined by some breaks in jazz/psycho dissonance, which give a metropolitan color to the violence of their uncompromising Death metal, or by the proficient erratic, deconstructionist  lead.  Virtuoso and acidity, exactness and tons of hate. Amok's music is poison  and eruptions of delirium set together. Their heaviness is not the usual one cause it is directed more in the erratic guitars (in a bit American style) and in the dry piercing punishing drumming. You get even the impression that this band unleashes a certain Black Metal  attitude in background.  It's sickness and ferocity united in a labyrinth of fear, pictures of tormented nightmares. No wonder that Amok has been noticed by the young Swiss label Fastbeast, whose slogan is "The Beast within". Actually the beast within (in particular in the brain) couldn't picture better  this release. Talented and professional (even more professional than many so called professional musicians) , this band is a new promise in the world of Technical Death Metal, no discussion.  They play damn well, ladies and gentlemen! Only thing, they should increase the melodic details and the hooklines in their compositions. This music is cool, extreme, but it's better to say that it's exclusive for connoisseurs, for very demanding and/or  twisted, a bit intellectual metalheads. Shouts and grinds must be both welcome in same measure. If you don't like Necrophagist, for example, you'd better run away very far from Amok. On the contrary i suggest to torture with this CD (the first full length of the band, after  the release of two mini cd's, 2003 and 2004) all posers,  so that this bad breed can die after short yet painful agony. But, on the other hand, i warmly suggest to Amok to write more tracks like A Life with No One
Yes, cause this final track is surely the best one and gets definitively the contours of class and success. Here, in this tenth" lullaby",  all characteristics of the style converge in the accomplishment of a very good attractive song, more pleasant, more gratifying. 

Anyway, all tracks create a sinister tapestry, a laceration in your ego. The fist in your teeth, given immediately by the opener (and almost title track) Lullaby of Silence, cannot be easily forgotten. Fortress is malignant, full of virtuoso and erratic guitar, and a battering punishing drumming. Sip of Thorns is haunting, asphyxiating, oppressive, fast, deadly. Jailed in your Mind is a monument to hatred, a physical crown of thorns, recurrent, very technical, with interesting changes of pace and the triumphing  accompanying and erratic lead. These same characteristics govern also Lady Addiction (Track 8), but Lady Addiction is anyway more cadenced and 200% Death Metal rooted. 
Amok, formed in May 2001, have supported Necrophagist and Krisiun and have played the uncorrupted and mythical  "Mountains of Death" edition 2005 (V). Now you know why you must be very cautioned. This is "strong" stuff for the expert user. The average metalhead will need more listening's, taken each time in homeopathic doses. But if you are among the "elected" ones, you will be even more enthusiast than i, and surely  you will appreciate another face of the formidable Swiss scene, that never ends, again and again,  after all these years, to arise my sincere esteem.  
In conclusion i 'd like to underline also the good production, the nice booklet (i repeat , the quality of this product is professional) and the lyrics that reflect so well the contemporary anguish. Bitter, shattered and immediate, "holding the past" and suffering for the present. 

from the depths of my core
is running through my veins as a torrent that you can't hold
it has been summoned


rating: 7,9/10  


dalia di giacomo  26.05.2006  
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