01. Day Of You Beliefs
02. Planetary Misfortune
03. Evil Inside
04. Mourning Soil
05. Far From The Sun
06. Ethereal Solitude
07. Killing Goodness
08. God Of Deception
09. Higher Ground
10. Smithereens
Esa Holopainen  guitar
Jan Rechberger - drums percussion computer
Niclas Etelävuori - bass guitar
Pasi Koskinen - vocals
Santeri Kallio - piano organ keyboards
Tomi Koivusaari - guitar

AMORPHIS: "Far from the Sun"            amorphis           Virgin Music

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


One of the most important gothic metal band has came back!!! This new album tries to follow the way taken in the latest previous albums; a Gothic album in which i notice  psychedelic influences that remind me of the latest Katatonia; there's also an influence coming from modern alternative rock in particular concerning the guitar sound, but their first influence calls" Pink Floyd"! A  good production. Many songs get also a particular influences to Celtic and Tribal music !
This is an important step concerning the evolution of their sound  but in my opinion the good search for the best sound is not generally supported with good idea concerning the creation of songs! It's a shame that a so good album concerning  production and arrangements doesn't get good songs.
"Higher ground" is a very bad song! What a bad refrain!!!!One of the worst Amorphis song ever!
Without a shadow of doubt I notice Pink Floyd's influence in all songs but "Smitherens" is an evident tribute to Roger Waters' band...For all those who knows Pink Floyd it is impossible not to  remember a famous song.....
The songs are very far from what Amorphis could create; in my opinion they're trying to create something different from actual metal bands, takin' inspiration from Pink Floyd, alternative rock...and 80's wave (maybe in few parts) but this album is far from what it would be...
Melodies are not up to the task...and my impression is that there's a lack of ideas concerning the structure of the songs. I hope for a better next album that should leave apart a little of evident Pink Floyd's influences.
rating: 4,5/10
Salvo  Russo    

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