Six Feet Under´s not deep enough
Confide In Me
Suicide On My Mind
Deity Of Disgust
A child that walks in the path of a man




Sarah Jezebel Deva - Vocals, Lyrics

Chris Rehn - Music

Tommy Rehn - Music


Martin Häggström - male Vocals

ANGTORIA: "Untitled Demo 2004"       angtoria   

This demo has not been released and can not be purchased. Meant for business purposes only   

Music composed, arranged, orchestrated and performed by Chris Rehn. 

"Deity Of Disgust" composed, arranged, orchestrated and performed by Tommy Rehn and Chris Rehn. 

Additional arrangements, orchestrations and performance by Tommy Rehn. 

All lyrics written, arranged and performed by Sarah Jezebel Deva. 

Male vocals by Martin Häggström. 

 Recorded at Virtual Symphony Studios. Engineered by Tommy Rehn. Mixed and Produced by Tommy Rehn and Chris Rehn.              


review  by Mina____   


What really dominates the whole picture from the beginning is the virtuoso singing of Ms. Jezebel Deva 


The name of Sarah Jezebel Diva is certainly very well known to anyone even distantly involved with the metal scene. Well, this lady finally decided to present us with some solo work after decade of collaborating with other big names of metal scene, such as Cradle of Filth and Therion.

Although I never was a fan of metal-meets-opera combination and therefore I never invested much time in listening to what Sarah Jezebel Deva did with Cradle Of Filth and Therion, I was pleasantly surprised with this five- track demo we got from Angtoria. 

So let’s get started. The first track “Six Feet Under Not Deep Enough” pretty much shows the character of the whole demo, heavy guitars with slight gothic touch and a lot of dominating keyboard melodies (obvious CoF influence). But, what really dominates the whole picture from the beginning is the virtuoso singing of Ms. Jezebel Deva. Contrary to what I had the chance to hear from her previous work, her voice here sounds very natural, she sings with ease through all of her pretty broad range and her really unique voice sound is instantly noticed. 

Second track was supposed to be cover of Kylie Minogue’s “Confide In Me”, but for the unknown reasons, my CD payer refused to read this specific track. Never mind, because I never really liked cover versions, except very few milestones, always more appreciating own ideas. The third track on this promo “Suicide On My Mind” starts with a very catchy combination of guitars and keyboards and could be marked as a ballad. Lyrically something like a self- absolution song, it could be a real underground hit once when the whole album is out. The next song “Deity Of Disgust” is sung as a duet with Martin Häggström, who sounds too much like Marco Hietala of Nightwish. The song in itself is not bad at all, Sarah sings great again, but in my opinion male voice was totally unnecessary in this case, the only effect it could produce is mark Angtoria like Nightwish copyists. The last song “A Child That Walks A Path Of A Man” is my favourite on this CD, with great lyrics and it is also the best sang track compared to others. It is also the most compact track of all, in musical and lyrical sense. Adding a pretty good production for a demo, I can say Sarah Jezebel Diva did an impressive job and I hope album will be out very soon.


rating: 9/10



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