01. Tear Down The Walls (Intro) 
02. Silent Wars 
03. We Will Rise 
04. Dead Eyes See No Future 
05. Instinct 
06. Leader Of The Rats 
07. Exist to Exit 
08. Marching On A Dead End Road (Instr.) 
09. Despicable Heroes 
10. End of the Line 
11. Dehumanization 
12. Anthem (Instr.) 
13. Saints and Sinners 
  Michael Amott - Guitar
Christopher Amott - Guitar
Angela Gossow - Vocals
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums
Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass
ARCH ENEMY: "Anthems of Rebellion"       arch enemy    


review  by Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson____    


I first heard about this album when I saw the video for "We will rise". The video blew me away.
Not only was the concept cool, but the song itself was so compelling it was hard not to be
impressed. Heavy guitars combined with a strong melodic tone (very common, but always nice) and
on top you have Angela's growling voice. Wow...

A song that really took to my head was "Leader of the Rats". A very cool song that sometimes reminds
me of Opera IX (vocal-wise anyway).

With this album I think the drummer got out some aggressions, because he's pounding away like crazy
on songs such as "Silent Wars". In my opinion this might be some kind of brotherly envy, since Daniel
has a brother named Adrian (drummer for Cradle of Filth). Lovely drumtracks, and I also noticed that
these tracks seem to be better mixed and recorded than Wages of Sin. Whatever they did, the final 
result is indeed great for the genre. The seem to have had a lot of fun with this album, since there 
are several different versions of the album out. One European 2CD with live material, one special 
edition with dolby digital 5.1 mixes of three songs, and also the regular album will be available 
on vinyl.

Back to the songs, I myself am a sucker for instrumental songs, and was happy to find another 
masterpiece on this album entitled "Anthem" which works as a sort of intro for the last song 
"Saints and Sinners". This is where they let loose and show us who's boss. Almost 5 minutes of
melodic, kick-ass metal that, sometimes, give me flashbacks to the days of the old-school In Flames 
combined with Yngwie Malmsteen.
But of course with the growlings of the master-witch Angela Gossow.

This album is better than most releases in the genre. Fun to listen to for musicians, technicians and
music-lovers alike.


Rating: 9/10  
Carl Bengtsson

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