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Trickster G. Rex: voices of ghosts and monkeys and general manipulation || steinar sverd johnsen: fugue key figure || hellhammer: drums and flames || knut m. valle: high guitar rider || dag f. gravem: low guitar driver ||
ihsahn: spitting voice on track 6.
mathias eick: ubu's horn on tracks 3, 6 and 7.

ARCTURUS: "The Sham Mirrors"                                  7 Songs (43:20)     ad astra
review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

First of all Arcturus is not a mainstream band and not many people can listen to their music.
Most fans might find them boring, uninteresting, fake. Also they might think this band has nothing
new or good to give us.
If you don't belong in the category above and you consider 'La Masquarade Infernale' as one
of the best albums ever then Arcturus have a new jem out there.Don't expect another Masquerade
Infernale, but the new album is more 'straight' but without becoming easy for the average listener.
I don't think this band will ever release an easy listening album but the Masquerade Infernale
days have passed although their talent is still there.The new album has still the sick parts
but the sound has progressed a lot and there is lots of melody. This band is decades ahead
of any other band and even if the new album is inferior to MI, it can't be compared with any
other album and it can't be rated with less than perfect.

There are many revolutionary elements
especially for metal music. You never know how the song will turn out and it has nice surprises each time.

All in all it is an unpredictable album. 

Songs change rhythm where you don't expect
them to.


Also the vocals have made a big improvement and they still have the great theatrical
feeling.Sverd has done an amazing work on the keyboards which are all around the album.
In 'Sham Mirrors' there are no catchy refrains.Each song follows it's own path without a
certain ending point.Each song ends only because it has to....

Rating: 8/10  

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