The Funeral Procession

Ritual hatred Construct

Revere the Labyrinth

Glories of the Nightsky

Ode to Antiquity


Acquisition of the Stars

Reaper of Dark Ages

The Halls of Perdition

  Gryphon - G666 - drums
Helthor - guitars
Arzarkhel - vocals
Murtach - bass 
Baarhul - guitars

ASTRIAAL: "Renascent Misanthropy"     astriaal         Aftermath Music

release date  july 23

preview - review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

A refined and mighty Black Metal  mixed with  melodic Heavy, Death and Doom . And indeed the almost monumental melodiousness of Astriaal if the more typical factor, combined with the will of touching dimensions of terror. 

Renascent Misanthropy is the debut album for this Australian band, who after 2 mini CD's and years of touring supporting Opeth, Mayhem Destruction, Destroyer 666 among others, can finally propose a brilliant full length of Black, soaked with intense elements of self-confidence in playing, lively techniques, aggressiveness and many musical thunderous elements. Fierce and proud blasting moments alternate with melodic, also acoustic passages. The spiral of an intense Black Metal, at the borderline  with epic and spherical factors, and with all typical features of the genre, lead us through touches of melody, of distorted effects, of harmonic strings, and then hurls us again into blasting attacks of evilness. Varied influences from many Metal styles give birth to complex but well melted arcane sonorities. Result : fear, terror, the kind of terror we want to feel.

The work appears vast, round with a certain spiritual solemnity that however never exceeds in arrogance, on the contrary the tracks are rather easy to be understood and acknowledged. A major soundscape makes you bow in front of the irrepressible Black force, but a hand reaches out caressing you with melodious acoustic chords. Roaring bombs push you up in the air but never will allow you to fall abruptly : like a ride on the clouds you will enter cathedrals of sacredness, cut in the twilight, built by an intense instrumentation work, always agreeable. The best example for that is the track Ode to Antiquity : an innovative Black mixed with grand atmospheres, blasting solidity and sweet inspired guitar arpeggios, with iterative excellent loops : a real complex and rich track that is the flag of the whole album. And the same themes appear in Arborescent as well; a melodic Black as resolute as  the melodic Death can be, delivering a fascinating melody along with a varied string approach : nevertheless Arborescent is anyway supported by dynamic blasting drumming and biting vocals.

The instrumental Acquisition of the Stars begins with balladesque tones which could appeal to both melodic Rockers and progressive fans, moreover something of old Metallica's harmony can be found, the harmonic intro develops in crescendo with an overwhelming massive proceeding, something really rare in a Black metal band : a track that belongs more to a melodic Heavy crossed with melodic Death and Doom with an intriguing unforgettable catchiness.

Again  with romantic chords  Reaper of Dark Ages that blooms in a more evil digest supported by a thunderous soundscape, with related double bass-discharge, high tuned tremolos, Doom and melodic Death flavors, but also with more canonic solos and a nice melodic outro. Slowing down with acoustic taste or speeding up with evil roaring, it is able to let you taste another dimension of monumental power and spirituality.

Creating a mysterious, surreal celestial and mighty ambience the instrumental The Halls of Perdition keeps up the atmosphere created by Reaper of Dark Ages.

Going back to the first tracks, the album begins with the same vast atmosphere of hyper natural dimension and high sacredness and mystery, thanks to The Funeral Procession, which is an orchestral ouverture, courtesy of Austrian maestro Tharen (Dargaard, Abigor) : simply evocative!

Ritual hatred Construct makes contrast with the intro cause  it is a Black merciless attack, powered and interlocked nevertheless by a massive melody. Ritual hatred Construct is also one of the fastest tracks of the album together with its twin Revere the Labyrinth, another evil, fast and conspicuous Black track. The great harmonic chords begins with Glories of the Nightsky, whose intro reminds so much once more of the old Metallica melodic guitar sections, intro that however launches a cadenced anthemic-like Black with great bass tonalities coming from drums and polyvalent strings.

The brilliant sound and production are the result of an attentive and eclectic digital mix and analogue recording.
Another super album from label Aftermath that, evidently, knows very well where the music of class is quartered. An extreme music with fascinating contours of surreal mighty visions. 

Renascent Misanthropy is not only suitable for all Black Metal fans but in general for all those who demands from music a well balanced volume of contents and a contact with the gates of superior realms. No matter whether they exist or not, whether they are misanthropic or not. 

Rating: 9.6/10


dalia di giacomo    

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