1. At Opened Eyes 

2. A New Life 

3. The Lord Of Time 

4. I Will Be There For You 

5. A Different View From The Same Side a) Promenade b) Rose Garden 

6. Pray 

7. Feelings




Giovanni Trotta - Vocals, Drums
Francesco Di Verniere - Keyboards
Diego Corini - Guitars
Angelo Cerquaglia - Bass

AURA: "A different View from the same Side"                My Kingdom Music 

Out on Sept. 22nd, 2008

preview  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

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The search for Prog-parts...

After 3 demos and a promo album, the Italian band AurA is  one of the new upcoming releases from MKM , New Dawn Series….

It’s a shame that the quality of this album is extremely penalized by  the production .This band gets all characteristics to compose good songs and actually this album gets valid ideas but also excessive technical parts and a very mediocre arrangement.

The search for prog-parts is not always well-structured and this aspect (even if it shows the technical ability of these boys) doesn’t give importance to the essence of the songs…

The tentative is to remind of Dream Theater …but even if the band gets great technique, the prolix structures of  Dream Theater are very far from these ones…

The vocalist and drummer Giovanni Trotta has a good voice for this style, he’s also able to sing very well without being excessive in high tones. The band is also able to realize good melodic parts that put in evidence Giovanni’s voice, but, as I mentioned above, I’m very sorry to say that the prog-parts not always are in perfect harmony with the rest of the song.

Sometimes I don’t like the sound of the synth, that seems very far from the new releases….it seems like those used almost 10-15 years ago…

I underline the sweetness of the closing track “Feelings” in which I can’t but notice the great vocal performance of Elena De Miranda…

The production is poor, the songs alternates good ideas but a lot of  mediocre parts;  but the band shows a  good technique so I hope to listen to a better next release…

rating: 5,5/10  

Salvo Russo  14.09.2008  
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