1) Triumph Again 2) Sky Burial 

3) Searching 

4) Transversing the Tides

 5) Berserker
6) The Last Day 

7) Reign 

Bonus track (from demo 94) : 8) Sixteenth Chamber 

9) Slave to the Grave


Ron Vento - vocals/guitar/bass

Tim Yeung - drums


AURORA BOREALIS : "Time, Unveiled"   aurora borealis       

release date 01/03/2003

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo___ 

Aurora Borealis offers a speed Death Metal inequivocally mixed with the Black, in particular as far as vocals are concerned , which are absolutely Black and nothing else . Every Black metal fan who doesn't object to the Death should find in Time Unveiled an album to enjoy. 

Before any other consideration is said ,  i would underline and point out  that Aurora Borealis have an extremely capable and skilful drummer. With such a drummer there is no field or goals that a band cannot theoretically reach. Tim Yeung 's drums are simply spectacular in my opinion. The music is propelled by more than precise and energetics death metal percussions without a mistake, very able among running rhythms and double hitting. 

In each song  the music is aggressive, very articulated and varied so that every track is never monotous or excessively repetitive. Generally very fast, with really exciting vocals   , Time Unveiled  showcases  even melodic passages , heavy and relentless looping moments like in the varied  Transversing the Tide,  which has also e good harmonic structure that again will be maybe more appreciated by the Black lovers.

  The guitar and the bass propose the whole  black and death repertoire without compromises, never forgetting some melodic touches. Tremolos , vibratos, heavy riffing, surround impressing blasting passages. Sometimes there are chords that sound too much erratic to my ears, but ehi, this is their style. Another track which is extremely heavy, with relentless metal riffing  is The last Day, while the blasting and intricated Reign offers even a ballade -like short beginning with a cascade of  melodic chords which appear to break the blast inside the song too and to close it as well. Just to say that there is harmony and ability also in what commonly sounds like noise to profane and heretical ears. Sixteenth Chamber ,which could be considered as entering the realm of the melodic death, though rather speedy,  has a  pure metal  framework therefore  can be heard  by a wider target, and for me it is one of the best and enjoyable tracks here. The uptempo Slave to the Grave has a touch of Trash. Very enthralling is Sky Burial (Sky Burial is an ancient form of burial indeed) with a cool group of notes which recur in this attack song, completed by heavy blasting. Searching is a little bit stop-starty with melodic proceeding and cruel black vocals: rather mid-paced includes fast hyperblast moments and guitar solos and tremolos, in few words another cool track that could be included in a kind of general melodic Black /Death. Searching it is therefore  my fav track which i really recommend.

Accordingly to an interview given by mainman Ron Vento this album deal with historical events and happenings and the song Berserker inspired  the album cover. But we are rather far from the Viking metal, on the contrary we can find in Time, Unveiled many innovative starting points. 

All in all a fresh good Death/Black album with a lot technical ability, and brilliant ideas, equipped by  melodic touches and heaviness. Minus: these good musical structures not always are put together  in the most  agreeable of the ways, but this is a matter of taste, like always.  Obviously Time Unveiled is not for everyone, but this is not a fault of the band, but of all who have never cultivated the listening to  Death and Black. 

rating   8.8/10


dalia di giacomo    

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