1. Of One To Conflict It
2. Revolution Decimation
3. Veiled Last Of Judgement
4. Wrath Pounding
5. God-Eye Command
6. In Wait Lie
7. Cube Of Odium
8. Masterrorder



Wör - Guitar, Vocals
Vermin - Bass, Vocals 
J. Read - Drums

AXIS OF ADVANCE: "Obey"    axis of advance                  

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___               

Axis of Advance play pure genuine grindcore. Low tuned guitars, very loud bass, hyperfast drummer and two vocals that perform the usual grunts and screams. I don´t know, this should be all I have to say, but as I simply love this type of music, well, I can tell you that this band offers much more to discover!!

Very very aggressive

This longplay is in its special way very very aggressive, the listener almost can touch the anger that is put into this piece of great noise! 

It's rather difficult to produce grindcore with a more or less clear sound carpet, Axis of Advance do exactly this, but without loosing the characteristics that no one wants to miss in grindcore!!

The riffs are catchy, and give the ritght "chainsaw" feeling, there is groove (bunches of it!!) and sometimes glowing lava flowing slowly out of the speakers... simply fantastic! 

Grindcore like it should sound

Another very positive component of this band is the drummer that doesnt´only want to destroy his kit in the fastest way as possible, no, this guy manages to put exactly the accents at the perfect time and at the perfect place!! 

Everyone that wants to know how grindcore should sound, but are bred by the thousands of "only hyperspeed" bands should run to the next shop and buy this extraordinary masterpiece!

rating:   9/10


Gianrichy Giamboi
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