1. I Wish You
2. Lovely God
3. Honey
4. Right Now
5. Rosieline
6. Dream Of My Life
7. Capitan America
8. Like Toys
9. Dirty Rockin'
10. I Wanna
Max - Vocals
Rikk Benaz - Bass
GG Rock - Guitar
Alex T. Vine - Guitar
Tony - Drums

 BABY RUTH: "Hi Fi Lo Rock n Roll"   www.babyruth.it   

Review   by Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson________________


Ok, where should I begin? A while ago, Antonio Rasi (I guess the drummer?) sent me a 
mail and wanted me to review their new album. I had never heard of Baby Ruth before
and was honestly a little uncomfortable leaving my home address to someone I didn't know.
But I did anyway, and after a week or two, a package dropped into my mailbox.
I immediately ripped it open and pressed play.
The first track was some sort of intro, and it got me wondering "What the hell is this?"
But then the second track kicked in, and I felt a smile on my face. This was definately very good work.

Throughout the entire album you can hear influences from AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Backyard Babies, Hellacopters and other various hard rock bands. But it still doesn't sound like anything that these bands would make. These guys have created their own style within the genre, and I love it. All songs have a cool, dirty sound to them that reminds me of the days when I first started listening to heavy rock. It almost makes me sentimental.

Track 6, Dream Of My Life, really caught my attention because it is the song where
the Guns n Roses influence shines through. Especially in the intro. But then
at the chorus it takes a different turn, which makes them a little bit more unique than

Track 8, Like Toys, sounds a bit like Kiss "Calling Dr. Love", but all these influences
that you can hear in the music makes a good mixture and I wouldn't be surprised if
we got to see much more of this band in the future.

At a relatively young age, these guys have had more gigs than many other bands that I've
both heard of and seen perform live. Strange that I had never heard of these guys, 
but a happy surprise when I finally did.

8 of 10

Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson 

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