01. Heaven
02. Seed
03. Dreamer
04. Fade away
05. Crush
06. Into you
07. My room
08. The black
09. Vengeance
10. Hiding

Tuomas Saukkonen - Guitar & Dark Vocals (SCYTHE.357,VARJO, TEARGOD)
Panu Willman - Guitar& Clean Vocals
Toni Broman - Bass
Dani Miettinen - Drums
Mika Ojala - Keyboards

BEFORE THE DAWN: "4:17 am"              before the dawn                  Locomotive Music

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


This is the second album (after two demos) for this good Finland band , able to mix melodic Gothic and Melodic Death!!! If you are looking for  a band that represents a mixture between the romantic gothic band like Entwine and To Die For and something heavier like Dark Tranquillity , In Flames, Rapture, old Katatonia ...try to listen to this band!!!!!

Melodic acoustic atmospheres are perfectly mixed with powerful good arrangements, and  I underline a very good use of the voices.....Clean and growl !!!!

This album is not far from the previous one concerning the sound and the musical approach;.. the first song is (in my opinion) the best of this album!!!!!

"Heaven" is a jewel song!!!! Dark Tranquillity meets For My pain.....An unforgettable melodic refrain sung by a perfect clean voice , and a heavy strophe sung by growl voice that remind me of the best Dark Tranquillity!!!

"Seed" is another melodic heavy gothic song in which they show all their sufferance, into a powerful and melodic song as well!!!! Tuomas is able to sing in a perfect way showing all their deep feelings, Panuís timbre not always is suitable for certain kind of atmosphere  but he shows a good attitude.

It's not a secret that they appreciate Dark Tranquillity and "Dreamer" is an example,. but In my opinion they're able to create very good song...and it doesn't matter if it's easy to make comparisons with others bands!

"Fade Away" shows a dark soul into a typical gothic structure that uses melancholic chords played with an intense sufferance and sung with a crying desperation!

"Crush" tries to involve through a melodic refrain, that in my opinion is not up to the task...even if I notice a very good arrangement!!!!! It's a shame not to hear another wonderful refrain like "Heaven"...but the band is able to keep high the whole quality of this album thanks to their passion...and "Into you" is a very Melodic  Death song in which Tuomas shows a very powerful and expressive voice! Guitars get a very powerful sound characterized by a heavy low distortion, and also alternative metal distortion when it needs!!!!

I underline "In my Room" in which the band is able to find the right chords...in my opinion not perfectly sung by Panu, not very able to give the right emphasis!

"The Black" is another Melodic Death song...in which In Flames influences are perfectly mixed with a personal melodic touch!

"Vengeance" is another great song characterized by an involving rhyming and a great melody. A goth-pop strophe and a melodic death refrain in which Tuomas shows its ability!...An example of their way to make music!!!

"Hiding" pushes this album into the darkness.....Sadness and melancholy are the elements of this song that closes in a very good way this album!

Not many original ideas...but this is a great cd....If you like Melodic slow Death and also melodic Finland bands, donít hesitate, this album is just for you!!!!


rating: 8/10


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