Sculpting the Throne of Seth


Conquer all

The Nephilim rising

Towards Babylon

Before the Aeons came

Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)


Slaves shall serve

The Reign ov Shemsu-Hor




Nergal - Rhythm and lead guitars, vocals

Inferno - Drums and percussion

Havok - Rhythm and lead guitars


BEHEMOTH: "Demigod"         behemoth             regain records

 distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution

Interview (phoner) with Nergal - July 2007
The Apostasy

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                       


Every song has its own hate.

Demigod begins with a calm and oriental influenced acoustic guitar part that becomes slowly louder. You better enjoy that, because after that little short warming up, there will be no mercy anymore for the whole rest of the album! So if you don’ t push the stop button at this point, don’ t blame me if you’ ll spend the rest of your life begging for mercy...


With this cd Behemoth put the mark at the highest possible level and build themselves a monument in Death Metal history! Astonishing blast and drum parts, sawing guitar riffs and guttural vocals are the trademarks of Demigod. But the thing that puts this work one step over everything I heard in this music sector is the fusion of precision, brutality, amazing technical skills of every band member,  the flair for logic structures and goddamn fucking riffing from hell!!

Every song has its own roots, its own history, its own colours, its own hate! Every single detail is placed exactly where it should be, creating a homogeneous and unique artwork. The solos are simply perfect, the breaks and changes of speed are amazing, the vocals spread pure aggression!! If someone of you has read H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Ctulhu and  his other stories, perhaps you will agree, that this music reminds one of the hideous unimaginable monsters of this classics of modern literature.

Sometimes  it seems to hear influences of Nile (To mention the appearence of  Karl Sanders in “Xul”), sometimes the listener hears a little bit of Death, sometimes perhaps even a little tiny Morbid Angel soundalike. But after all Behemoth are gods, making their own soundtrack of hate, aggression and violence!!

Demigod  falls over the audience with the heaviness of a  mountain, it squeezes you and pulverizes every single bone of your poor body, but even then, you will find pleasure in this sweet suffering...

When I’ m dead, there shall be no heavenly trumpets playing or angel choirs singing... no! There only shall be Behemoths Demigod playing till the end of all times!!

Best album of the day, of the week, of the month, of the year 2004! Best album of whatever you want!!

rating: 10/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi  
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