Virus Undead
The Other Side
Enemy Mine
Fuck me back to Life
Interlude: Ocean
The Others
The Ground beneath your Feet






Dead L-Vis - Vocals
Peter Kafka - Guitar


Ron - Guitar

Eddy - Bass

Dog - Drums


BELOVED ENEMY: "Enemy mine"  beloved enemy           Twilight

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

distributed in Switzerland by    

Perfect for soundtracks

of modern films…


From Germany with darkness….

Beloved Enemy is a dark metal band with electro impulses and this album represents a good example of modern metal, full of darkness with also an  amazing touch of rock’n’ roll ( in some parts), that could be perfect for soundtracks of modern films…
Try to mix  Rob Zombie, Rammstein, 69 Eyes,  Type-O-Negative, Paradise Lost , Secret Discovery, Oomph!, Motörhead , the result is Beloved Enemy,
who gets influences from all these bands. It’s impossible not to find something similar to the mentioned bands; Every song is the result of these influences that are deep seated.

Songs are generally good,  realized with a groovy taste that puts in evidence the creativity of the band that seems to give a great importance to the melody without forgetting the industrial touch, a touch  that gives them a the right powerful approach…

 Drowning” is the perfect example of modern metal with a very incredible attack,  perfect to create a great modern dark metal atmosphere!
Dead L-Vis’ voice seems to imitate many vocalists that sing this kind of music and personally I don’t like its impersonal style because of the excessive use of low and unnatural tones. Anyway the vocal lines result more pleasant when singing aggressive parts.

The title track Enemy mine” is a great song characterized by an involving sound where the ability to  create a good sound, together with a perfect atmosphere, is in clear evidence.

I underline “Fuck me back to Life” that reminds of Rammstein and Cyanight” that reminds of the countrymen Secret Discovery and is a good song.

The Others” is another powerful modern metal track, characterized by a destructive approach!!!
Finden” is another great song which can be defined a perfect example of electro dark mixed to industrial and modern metal!

There are also (in my opinion) unoriginal ideas that don’t get a great groove…For example “Rain” (perfect Oomph! style) but not only this…that seems a great dark ballad but there’s a part in the song that seems to lose that magic melancholic atmosphere which, on the other hand, is not valorized by the usual vocalist interpretation.
Fake” seems another avoidable song realized without the proper inspiration.
The production is good…of course far from the one of bands like Rammstein, anyway it results well made.

In conclusion, this is a nice CD that can be appreciated by all those who like the bands mentioned in the review: nothing original , but there are good songs and a right sound for them.

rating: 7.5/10  


Salvo Russo  13.08.2007   


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