1. If The Gods (May Know Your Name)
2. Make It Hard
3. Small Believer
4. Testflight
5. Difference
6. Please Donīt Say You Care
7. Why Iīm Here
8. Only One
9. Canīt Stop The Tide
10. Roam
11. Just Like Anyone
12. Ultrawide
Sascha        vocal+guitars
Florian         guitars
Michael        drums
Christian      keys
Stephan       bass

BLACK MILK: "Ultrawide"        www.blackmilk.de    


Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____________ 


When I watched the video of the single "If the Gods" I though that the inspiration of this band were HIM.
Listening to all the songs of this cd i have to admit that the sound is very different from Valo's band!  Sascha has an extremely melodic voice that that gives a melancholic approach to the songs...His voice seems a mixture between Him and Muse vocalists!!!
"If the Gods" get the classic HIM-structure song...A strophe sung with passion and a melodic refrain ...a very intense song that is the first single of this cd!This song could be loved by all HIM fans!
I have to underline that the sound of this band is very far from gothic .....Black Milk plays alternative rock ...with a melancholic taste that makes them similar to Muse but Placebo as well.So if you like Him...may be you'll not appreciate this album!!!! if you listen "If the gods" before to buy this album ...try to listen to the others songs!There's nothing to say about the good quality of this cd...but this is an alternative rock-band!!!Let's give a look to the songs.......
"Only one"is a very special ballad characterized by a dreaming vocal melody  while "Small Beliver" is another hit song in which i notice the good care for the  melodic refrain.I notice that they've made a good work in the mixing....the title track shows the ability of this band to create a good sad song with special studio effects.

"Why I'm here" is a perfect exemple of modern alternative-rock in which Sascha shows his ability in high tones!
"Please don't say you care" is an avoidable song ...with an usual refrain and a classic structure, but Sascha is a very good singer and he's able to give an unmistikable touch to the songs....
"Difference" and "Roam" remind me to Placebo .The others songs keep high the quality of this cd  .About the arrangments...i have to underline the ability of the band to create a personal sound and comparing it with the one of  the other alternative bands...Black Milk use the keyboards  with a very good taste!!!   Guitars never become hard ....but this is Rock.....alternative modern Rock...if you like Placebo and Muse you'll love this band!!!!!
A lovely cd....but not for true defenders!!!!

Salvo Russo  

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