1. Way To Mandalay

2. Three Black Crows

3. Diamonds And Rust

4. Cartouche 

5. Queen For A Day(Part 1)

6. Queen For A Day(Part 2)

7. Ivory Tower

8. Nur Eine Minute(instrumental)

9. Ghost Of A Rose

10. Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword(instrumental)

11. Loreley

12. Where Are We Going From Here

13. Rainbow Blues

14. All For One

15. Dandelion Wine


BLACKMORE'S NIGHT: "Ghost of a Rose"               http://blackmoresnight.com/ 

review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____

This is the fourth album by Blackmore's Night,the band of the legenday guitar

hero,Ritchie Blackmore,the man who played and wrote music for Deep Purple and

Rainbow.Let's see how each song sounds....

1.Way To Mandalay:

Starts with a great medieval instrumental part,with Ritchie playing a beautiful

guitar solo then Candices' vocals join in.Nice chorus,track finishes with a guitar

solo fading out.

2.Three Black Crows:

Very nice melody,a happy song that makes your day.Slow and melodic,this one

reminds some of the best moments of the Under a Violet Moon album.At the end of

the song there's a funny moment with a trumpet(?) blowing and Candice laughing.

3.Diamonds And Rust:

This is the same song that Judas Priest had covered.This version is thrilling as

well,a great song covered by a great band.


Nice vocals by Candice in this one and good work from the violin.Classic medieval

melody all over the song.

5.Queen For A Day(Part 1):

A slow melodic ballad based mainly on Candice's vocals.

6.Queen For A Day(Part 2):

Instrumental song,it gets even better when Ritchie joins in with an amazing rock n

roll guitar solo which he plays with an acoustic guitar although i think it would

have sound better with an electric.

7.Ivory Tower:

The epic of the album.Chorus sings a medieval melody,simply amazing.Ritchie

follows the song with great acoustic guitar playing.

8.Nur Eine Minute(instrumental):

Another instrumental,acoustic guitars all over the song,Ritchie really shines on

this one.A bit too short though,only a minute long.

9.Ghost Of A Rose:

The title song of the album.Starts with excellent guitar work from

Ritchie.Probably the best song of the album.Lots of feeling in this one.

10.Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword(instrumental):

The third instrumental of the album.Once again unbelievably good work by Ritchie

on acoustic guitar,accompanied by a flute on the background.Very nice ending.


Nice song with a melody that sticks in your mind.

12.Where Are We Going From Here:

A great ballad,very slow song and relaxing.I really enjoyed this one.I can't wait

to hear a live version of this song,very quiet one.

13.Rainbow Blues:

This one is a cover song of Jethro Tull.Although i am not familiar with the

original version of the song,Blackmore's Night have done a decent job on this

one.Finaly we can hear electric guitar on this track,incredible guitar solo in the

middle of the track.Ritchie's done it again.

14.All For One:

One of the finest moments of the whole album.The electric guitar solo which starts

the song is one of the best solos we've heard from Ritchie for years.The same solo

is heard again somewhere in the middle,i am speachless...the song has a nice

chorus and although the song is a cover Blackmore and Candice have done a great

job on it.

15.Dandelion Wine:

Best song to finish this great album.Slow,with a beautiful,relaxing melody.Another


In conclusion,the fourth effort by Blackmore's Night is once again a great album,i

won't say it's the best of all but i really enjoyed listening to it.This album

really can create a good mood to anyone who listens to it.The medieval melodies

and happy and relaxing parts are excellent.Just take your headphones,close your

eyes and let yourself into the magical world of Blackmore's Night,let their music

travel you into the medieval ages.

Rating: 0

Dimitris  Theodoropoulos 


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