BLIND GUARDIAN in Istanbul  -  Bostanci Gosteri Merkezi - 28-09-2002

‘Hey Istanbul, you know how to sing!!!’

This is what Hansi Kürsch said after hearing 2500 Turkish bard that are
singing the legendary ‘Bard’s Song’like marching towards a battle. Yeah, we know how to sing. I hope that will attract bands like Iced Earth vs…
Whatever… Let me give you some details about the show

 The gates supposed to be opened at 15.00 but because of the broken down
mixer they didn’t until 19.00. So I had to wait nearly 4-5 hours to get in
the show center. And because of that mixer failure the support bands ‘Soul
sacrifice and  Battlorn couldn’t play’. (actually this is what ‘s been to
told us but we heard some gossips that the promoter simply kicked their
asses out of the show, god knows why)

By the time I got in, without wasting time I tried to find myself a good
place that where I can  see the stage clearly. Because there was a
tremendous crowd of BG fans in the show center.

It was 21.00 when the lights went off, and I began to hear the intro ‘War
of the Wrath
’ from ‘Nightfall in the middle Earth’. 

It was also the reminder of a gate which opens to the middle earth. J The complete setlist is here for whom concern. ’ Into the storm, Welcome to dying, Nightfall, The script for my requiem, Lord of the rings, Valhalla, The soulforged, Born in a morning hall, Mordred's song, Bright eyes, Time stand still, Journey though the dark, Punishment divine, Bard's song, Imaginations from the other side’.

As you can see they have made a very different setlist for Istanbul gig.
It’s because it was their first time in Istanbul. 

They have played oly 2
songs from the ‘A night at the opera’. 

We can say that they played all best
of the bests at a one time. Aha btw they also did a  bis and played lost in
twilight hall, a past and future secret and mirror mirror.

Although the sound isn’t so good [Sometimes I didn’t hear any bass at all,
(and at nightfall he didn’t play at all. )] the crowd and Hansi made the
show unforgettable. Bard’s song was the one of the best performanced ‘bard’s song’ I have ever heard. And bright eyes, and mirror mirror, nightfall… At the end I was trying to deal with my friends using my hands cause I had no voice left. Turkish crowd pleased to see them and beside this BG is more pleased while watching our ‘bright eyes’ in the dark.

So as a result it was a really satisfactory  gig, night for Turk fans. I
hope the band feels the same too. And as I said before I hope they will open
the gates for other bands which don’t want to come here.

Ayhan "Neotyrant" Sahin 

Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland Impressum