1. Ici Blue
  2. It's too late
  3. Learning to Fly
  4. Before the Rain

Aldebran - vocals

Alessandro Stranieri  - guitar

Simone Montagnani - guitar

Marco Russo - bass

Giorgio Costa - drums


BLOODY MARY: "Rosemadder"   EP  www.bloody.it       vor-daran productions              SPECIAL BLOODY MARY

All lyrics , music and arrangements are written and produced by Bloody Mary. Recorded , post producted and mastered at Moonhouse Recording by Danilo di Lorenzo. 


review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Dynamic Gothic Rock made in Italy 

Rosemadder: a very interesting metropolitan Gothic Rock music, whose  rhythmics  deliver a certain metal attitude, created by this  young and fresh band from Italy . I'm simply very tired that every time something cool comes  from Italy the international press comments amazed :" oh from Italy... unbelievable!" But what is unbelievable ladies and gentlemen?? Without appealing to  Venice and to the many lakes and churches and dark traces, to the many wide seas,  Italy is offering  however a gothic feeling almost everywhere. Sometimes delicate, sometimes very tangible, the gothic soul is  in the air throughout this Land: it's up to you to breathe and identify it .  Musically, Bloody Mary put us in connection with  part of this dark feeling in a dynamic way. Above all  there is much of Milan in Bloody Mary's  spirit, flying among the alienation, the hidden melancholy, the stories and metropolitan legends and the sensuality of a new generation ,  with a decadent vampiric motion.  And indeed, starting exactly from Milan , they are gathering a strong national consense and , at the same time, the international approval is now  following, growing more and more.  Bloody Mary express their  talent through   catchy but not  predictable melodies and rhythms, resolute drums, measured leads,  hammering heavy riffs and flexible vocals  . The same  modern talent that you can find also in Deathstars for example, the main difference is that Bloody Mary have nothing of Industrial or "synthetic, and even the electro- sounds are very few. 

To show modern decadence using mainly guitars, bass,  drums and the versatility of vocals  , without sounding artificial even not for one second,  is something that deserves our  applauses. So let's dive into the musical contents of  this Gothic Heavy Rock EP , which is very coherent in style,   and let's begin with opener Ici Blue. Ici Blue is agreeable, catchy , rhythmic, percussive, suitable for Gothic Clubs but fortunately without having pop qualities. It delivers also varied clean vocal tones which range  from a velvety bass to a more biting, aggressive timbre, with a outro which could be "signed" by Lacuna Coil. It's too late is another track which offers a  gothic metropolitan and  almost geometric feeling, a melodic but highly rhythmic and dynamic  tempo, where  vocals are enriched by well measured echoes and occasional higher timbres: it sounds sexy , a bit morbid and nocturnal but at the same time you can touch a ray of light . Learning to Fly is melodic, slow and sad , a bit haunting, melancholic anyway:  a Gothic ballade which will hypnotize through vocals full of emotions and through an able gentle reverbering instrumentation. Before the Rain closes this  EP  in a full Rock- oriented way , but can also offer distorted sound techniques of effect,  found also in the previous track. 

Imo Bloody Mary show convergence with  new Scandinavian gothic bands, but above all with that kind of style that we could call Italian Modern Gothic school, just think of  Lacuna Coil, Cayne  and Nude, among others. When guitarist Alessandro Stranieri and bass-player Marco Russo met  Anno Domini 2000 and started just within one  month  this band  with a motivated stable line up maybe didn't imagine how good the project was, but i presume they can only be proud now:  in short time Bloody Mary have  collected experience through gigs of importance, playing recently also in that dark temple called Transilvania Live in Milan.   From the moment this is an EP with "only" 4 tracks, i cannot give a  rating higher than 8 points out of 10, but, of course,  i'm already looking forward to the next full length album. Anyway  this enjoyable EP is well worth to be played loud:  if you are a Gothic Rock lover Rosemadder IS  a must to have. Keep up the good work, "Bloody" guys!


rating:  8/10 

dalia di giacomo    

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