Where the Wave broke
The Immateria
Slave Emotion
Flight´s End
It comes into View
Mercy Liberation

Linus Jägerskog - Vocals 

Jesper Liveröd - Bass 

Patrik Hultin - Drums 

Jonas Rydberg - Guitar 

Robert Reinholdz - Guitar

BURST: "Origo"               burst         e-card with track 1 and 3                  


Recorded at Gothenburg's Music-a-matic studios with producer/engineer Fredrik Reinedahl  and Henrik Lipp .

"Origo" will be issued on October 17 in the U.K. and October 24 in the rest of Europe via Relapse. An early 2006 U.S. release date is expected.       

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution

Burst live in Zürich with  The Dilliger Escape Plan - November 2004


preview - review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   


One in Nine. Nine in One. A creation that goes beyond most of all current styles.

Short and quickly, "Origo" is a masterpiece, a must -have album for every Metaller. Once released  this great work, the problem of Sweden's Burst could eventually be " what after Origo?" , but fortunately this  is nothing of our business indeed. For now we have only to enjoy this sophomore album, follow-up to the already acclaimed 2003 "Prey on Life". But why "Origo" is so beautiful? It is so beautiful because though clearly rooted in Melodic Hardcore, it transcends hardcore, though near to NWOAH,  spreads its wings and goes far, it is so beautiful cause  many influences from different Metal styles are so brilliantly meld without annoying or trying  to be pretentious. It is exigent but not difficult.  In "Origo" you can find Heavy Metal, Death, Melodic Death, some eruptions of Thrash, traces of Black and of course constant "bursts" of Hardcore, the one following the other in a fluent, coordinated but not predictable  way. Consequently "Origo"  can appeal to a very wide target. But attention, a target that really appreciates Metal in (almost) all  of its branches. In "Origo" , each song is  a flight with  unpredictable insertions and break downs. Warm aggression and cold aesthetics, grace and brutality find cohesion. Comparisons that range from Opeth till  All That Remains could be thrown on the table, but it's all  sterile exercise cause Burst do have an unmistakable original proceeding of their own and particular cold reverberant fluid sounds fading into  a very marking psycho touch which makes remind even of Pink Floyd. "Origo" is enjoyable, nonetheless it is  a true education to the listening. The most amazing thing is that Burst  IS a technical band, which seems not  technical in the most arduous meaning of this term: the instrumental performance is practically perfect but natural, fluent,  while the screams are still raw and genuine. Once you understand all the musical  "facettes" and all technical details, you are already in the middle of them, easily and naturally. I've said that each song is  a flight. Yes, many songs are moreover an  evolution per se, but the ground logic of the track is never lost, so  you follow the whole path with no discomfort. On the contrary, other tracks are more straight on your face like the exquisite opener Where the wave broke  which  offers delicate and atmospheric harmonies and ear-worm irresistible refrain loops. 

The melodic lines are always a pillar for Burst, lines delivered in total  balance with an exceptional almost desperate heaviness and fierce attacks. The explosive screams are really explosions of deep inner rage. But never you feel this album as too emotional or too introspective. The great contribution of psycho waves makes "Origo"  many times atmospheric or multidimensional but it's no psycho - experimental torturer, on the contrary your listening  will be very active and freeing more than depressive. Guitars are protagonists both in the pounding riffs and melodic/acoustic driven passages, but there is a moderate, attentive will  to experiment on more fields and great moment of drumming.

In a recent interview, bassist (ex Nasum) Jesper Liveröd says that " Origo is basically just a varied collection of songs, all related to each other in some way, but not bound by a certain structure or lyrical theme". So, no concept album, but i can assure you  that "Origo" appears like a compact, though varied, unique creature. The 9 tracks are living as one  true sequence. Anyway i have experienced that  it is also pleasant to begin  this album  from the song  you want, no matter how much "blaspheme" this way of approach can be, because "Origo" is really one in nine and nine in one.

Sever is aggressive, pounding, suffering and crushing. Slave Emotion is a faster assault with a desperate melodic , frozen  counterpart. Cold harmonic flavors combined with  scathing hardcore onslaughts and vocal variety can be found in Flight's End. Homebound is colossal, an apotheosis for metal: passionate , angry, drum driven, dark ,  modern but with some passages near to  the old school  melodic Death/Black, and enriched by awesome gloomy melodic chords that open and close it. It comes into View is all instrumental in the wake of psycho -cosmic atmospheric intense music, with long sweet hypnotic visions  that could come out from Pink Floyd's pen. Then stop dreaming!: please receive a crude  fist in your teeth through Stormwielder, absolutely hardcore force , enhanced by a desperate sinister  slow down final which flows directly into the last track Mercy Liberation whose intro is a multi-layer  among  guitar, mesmeric sounds and military attitude drumming, but whose body becomes  then  obsessed and anguished with  modern and metropolitan style, all this for a sudden brusque imperative end.

If we like to spend some last considerations about the the title in itself , a disengaged research in "omnipotent" net tells us promptly that origo (Latin word for origin ) is The physical or metaphysical source. Mathematics, cosmology, epistemology, etymology, toponimy and paleoanthropology a.o. deal with the concept of origin.  1859 Charles Darwin wrote the book "The Origin of Species". "Origin" is also a comic book by Marvel about superhero Wolverine. Whatever Bursts' "Origo" may mean, it is surely a creation. Not the creation of a new style. Still not. But a creation that goes definately beyond most of all current styles.

rating: 10/10 



dalia di giacomo 

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