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1. Hop-Frog
2. Voglio la mia Identità
3. Fiamma
4. Sottovoce
5. Spazi chiusi







Vocals, Guitars



Guitars, Vocals 

LookOut! (a.k.a. il Batteraio)


CAMPO AVVELENATO: "Spazi Chiusi"  EP 2009    

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Italian lyrics are perfect for this kind of music.

The Sicilian band comes out with a mcd that contains 5 songs that mixes rock and noise reflections ..a demo that puts in evidence some limits concerning the production but considering that the album is self produced…we ‘d consider it..a fair one… anyway I underline that the band gets good ideas, that's why this mini-album can be appreciated by listeners who like a particular kind of alternative rock. 

The great capabilities of Gaetano Adamo (guitar) and  Manuele’s good  ideas are perfectly interpreted by a a singer that shows attitude to sing in a great way these songs!

Similitudes?’s very difficult…I can find them into a certain kind of Italian rock…but not only…Italian lyrics are perfect for this kind of music…and I have to say that there are some interesting lyrics ..They tell about everyday life…and the music played reflects the lyrics…a great result for this young band that is able to write music getting  deep sensation by a contaminated style.

I underline the great “Sottovoce” in which the band plays alternative rock with some  perfect effects…if you like alternative music…you’ll appreciate it…

It’s the same for “Spazi Chiusi” that is another great alternative song…that shows original ideas and good interpretation…

In conclusion…it’s only a mini-album with a fair production but if you like alternative rock …you can appreciate it…it's a good debut …the road is still long but there are all  requirements to go on well...and we wish them a great future…

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written  by  Salvo  Russo    29.10.2009

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address

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