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Cayne: "Cayne"

01. The Strain (Intro)
02. Waiting
03. Don´t Tell Me…
04. Together As One
05. King Of Nothing
06. Little Witch
07. Deliverance
08. Addicted
09. My Damnation
10. Through The Ashes
11. Black Liberation
12. Evidence
13. Like The Stars

with Andrea Ferro (Lacuna Coil) and Paul Quinn (Saxon) as guests


Giordano Adornato: Voice

Claudio Leo: Guitar
Marco Barusso: Guitar
Giovanni Lanfranchi: Violin & Keys
Guido Carli: Drums
Andrea Bacchio: Bass 


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Like a diamond.

Claudio Leo is one of the most important name of gothic/rock scene in Milan and in Italy in general..on 17th January  of this year…he has departed this life; an incurable disease took him away from this life…and this is one of the most terrible thing heard in this beginning of 2013; his carrier begun with Cristina Scabbia & Lacuna Coil…and I cannot forget the ep made in 1999….
Cayne made his debut in 2002 with a very good album…but nothing more followed after that album…The band came back in 2012 with the  single “Addicted”  made up of four songs…and listening to that ep…we couldn’t but craving for the whole album…

And indeed...Claudio has left a very awesome album that will be forever…and I hope he won’t be never forgotten…
The album is here and is a masterpiece that is very difficult to define;  the band has picked up a lot of influences and the outcome is nothing but a very great masterpiece of good music….
In these songs I can see the best of 80’s hard rock/ metal…modern metal and gothic rock…hence…we can only buy it!


Let’s start and exanimate the songs …
“Waiting” is pure gothic rock characterized by a very wonderful melody that is the result of their influences…Giordano shows his incredible skill ; awesome timbre…great ability to give emphasis…
“Don’t Tell Me” is another pearl…How could we stop listening to these songs!? I’m still asking how to do…
I want to underline the awesome lyrics written down by the band….and the particular attention given to the arrangements that makes this album attractive for modern metal fans ,pure rocker and gothic souls.

The single “Together As One” is another hit…another awesome and unforgettable melody that mixes the best of cold Finnish tradition with Italian mood….the guitars supports the awesome melody…and Giordano confirms his skill….
It’s the time for a crying song that tell us about a very dark lady…one of those who really loves the dark…and deepness of feeling that only a dark girl can have…This is pure melancholic goth rock…and the melody of this song is one of those that can’t be forgetten…the lyrics of the song seems to flow the film of the song into your eyes….
“Deliverance” is an incredible mix between 80’s street metal and modern sound….the refrain can’t but remind us of what metal was….but Cayne has modernized it…
“Addicted” is pure modern metal mixed to 80’s….is it possible? Yes it is…some riffs remind of 80’s rock…even if he song is absolutely modern ; Giordano shows his ability to adapt his voice to different atmospheres in a very easy way.
“King of Nothing” feat Jeff Water (Annihlator)….yes…a very great guest in this awesome rock/metal song in which the band show that they never miss a shot….pure modern metal …melody and passion!
“My Damnation” is a pure masterpiece of gothic/rock metal….It’s incredible the feeling spread through this song….The melody is one of the best heard in absolute…and the song gets also very some modern metal riffs that makes it another unforgettable jewel…
“Deep Down And Under”  is another sad song characterized by great guitar arpeggio, and the awesome arrangement whom intent is to release a certain kind of emotion….I can say that the goal has been achieved.
Andrea Ferro (Lacuna Coil) his friend for ages took part to this song that seems the most “Lacuna Coil oriented”…another awesome little masterpiece!
Paul Quinn (Saxon) is another great guest  and  he sings some parts  in“Black Liberation” seems a pure 80’s metal song made by Cayne….their unmistakable style is mixed to classic old metal….I underline a very awesome guitar solo mixed to a very atmospheric part of the song that seems to connect to old HIM atmospheres….
“Evidence” is another modern metal , in my opinion “the less” beautiful song of this awesome cd….

The album is closed with the infinitely  beautiful “Like the stars”...a very nocturnal song in which Giordano shows the romantic side of his voice…while the two guitars are drawing a magical path in the ocean….It’s impossible not to let fall a tear….thanks Claudio….and thanks to Cayne…like a diamond…this album is forever!


written  by Salvo Russo 

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001.

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address  More in Team

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