Scientific remote Viewing


Counting the Days

The Will or the Way



Dying will be the death of me

Inside is out


Kill for Weed

Litany of Failure

Ontogony of Behaviour


Lenzig Leal: Vocals
Zac Joe: Guitar
John Merryman: Drums
Steve Goldberg: Guitar
Jawsh Mullen: Bass

CEPHALIC CARNAGE: "Anomalies"       cephalic carnage              Relapse Records                       

review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   



This band has so much energy and power, they are totally insane. 


Let me state first that this my first contact with Cephalic Carnage and that I have never listened to their music before this new album of them came upon my hands. I am a big fan of this music style and I felt right at home while listening to Anomalies. Extremely brutal vocals mixed with heavy guitars which never stop throwing sick riffs on the listenerís ears. This band has so much energy and power, they are totally insane and their songs are so well structured and worked out. Dillinger Escape Plan fans will jump from joy if they check this album. None of the songs got me bored and the tense and passion was there from the very beginning of the album until the last note.

After a short intro the album starts with Scientific Remote Viewing a brutal and sick piece of music with the good meaning of the words (how good can sick be?! Well listen to Cephalic Carnage!) . The Will Of The Way is a great death metal song with some very interesting riffs and intense rhythm. Piecemaker is one of my favorite songs of the album. It starts with a very cool rock intro, then the rock riff continues with the brutal vocals kicking in and later on the riffs become really slow and painful and the doomy ending of the songs reminds nothing from the hard rocking beginning!

Enviovore brings the balance of the album again to the death metal side. Screaming vocals and growling guitars fill our ears with music. Dying Will Be The Death Of Me is another fave from this album, progressive rhythms and technical parts bring to mind the ultimate Death (hail Chuck and RIP). Inside Is Out starts with a clean intro and later on the songs becomes a technical bizarre of tempo changes and crazy riffs. Another awesome song. Sleeprace has this really cool riff that kicks in right after the bass intro and is a slower song in comparison with the others and it also features some cool rock guitar solos which rule! Litany Of Failure is another one of those songs that you could call Ďa punch in your stomachí. Ontogony Of Behavior is the closing track of the album and it is the most experimental song of all and a bit weird Iíd say. The strange vocals are nice and the chord melodies are atmospheric and although on the first listens it fails to win your attention later on you realize that it is a very special addition to the album and another fave of mine from Anomalies. At the middle of the song the band turns once again to their familiar extreme style to end the song the way it began later on.

            To sum up, Iíd say that itís an incredible album full of great riffs and clever ideas overall. Sick and brutal vocals, intense compositions, amazing drums. There is total chaos all around this release and it can absorb the tense of a hard day if you listen to Anomalies and let  yourself free to react along these crazy songs. Cephalic Carnage add a great chapter in the genre of extreme metal with this album.

rating: 9.5/10

Dimitris Theodoropoulos



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