1. Wrecthed Life
2. Casket Ride
3. Faces of Death
4. Moralized
5. Rotting Alive
6. Demon Skunk
7. Shitgrinder
8. Symptoms of the Flesh
9. F/C/D/C
10. An Evil Eye
Taneli Jarva: vocals
Marko Tarvonen: guitars
Esa Holopainen: guitars
Oppu Laine: bass
Nalle Österman: drums

special guests: Uffe Cederlund,  Jörgen Sandström,  Kasper Martenson

CHAOSBREED: "Brutal"        ChaosBreeD        

release date 26th April - recorded and mixed at CCPC studio - produced by Santeri Kallio and Niclas Etelävuori

preview- review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

"Darker clouds and storms of chaos
summons the king of fear
forces of Agharthi arise and come forth
behold by the Sumerian tears
at the abbey of darkness where Nan-Zi dwells
awaiting the stormy sea
shreds of flesh chained to walls
to greet the master of realms

I am the bringer of seed I will bring eternity
I am what this world needs I am chaos breed"

from "Chaos Breed" - EntombeD

Eh... i was supposing that Sumerians always come back through a window, when you think they have gone away through a door. Sumerians, Agharti and ancient realms apart, we deal here with Death written in capital letters: Death once again as rotor and engine of Metal. And also as factor of evocative liberation and satisfaction. These lyrics belong to a song from EntombeD: Chaos Breed. Agharthi will reign the new eon. And this "project" from Finland, who takes the title of this song as moniker, simply tells us in music that Death is reigning anyway. And that the extreme scene, in Finland as well as in other parts of the world, is alive and resolute more than ever, well convinced that a genuine underground mentality is always the trump card and the only vital elixir. It is impossible  to present this act without pronouncing at least one time the word "project", though i think that it's not the suitable denomination, cause this band IS a band of its own, with its experience, characteristics and its goals. ChaosBreeD deliver us a debut full length through Century Media, that is simply a MUST for all maniacs. They are surely "devoted" to the roots of Death and to EntombeD in particular, but this doesn't mean that this album sounds old, concerning sound, arrangements, production and musical contents as well. On the contrary, "Brutal" is a child of its times that simply bows in the presence of the fathers, with much respect, but also with a lively will to "live", to bang its head, to have fun! And EntombeD has rewarded this attention, contributing to this album with guest lead guitars and background growls! 

"Uffe and Jörgen from our mentors ENTOMBED joined us to CCPC studios to bring some flavor for Brutal":

it's with these words that ChaosBreeD express enthusiasm in their official web site! And with a good reason cause, at the end of the story, "Brutal" is really a cool album, another jewel from the Death scene that lately is gifting us with a set of brilliant releases. 

Like mentioned before, it's mainly old-school Death influenced, but played more modern. A fat overwhelming Death able to press every varied button of interest from brutal attacks to doomy slower moments, always maintaining a coherence of direction, showing also an intrinsic melodic presence. But it's also genuine Death, not particularly technical and cerebral, on the contrary well executed with feeling, with passion. Oh yes passion tells everything. So don't expect only cold technicality, expect to enjoy it with every drop of your blood. Merciless, evil and perfect the growls, perfect and united the musicianship. Bass sounds attractive like hell, compact guitars that however take their moments of extroversion. 

Wretched Life is a fast attack with atmospheric insertions, a bit dissonant in some points and maybe it's not the real identification for this album, that fully begins to take off with a Swedish European taste from track n° 2 Casket Ride, that is a killer, which combines brutality with doom.
The rhythmic Faces of Death is a killer-rocking hammer with nice, a bit downtuned, guitar solos and a catchy proceeding hold by a percussive rhythmic section and a persuading harmonic content, turned up to be evil by the almost vomiting and aggressive vocals. Aggressive guttural growls that naturally fades into the following Moralized, typical restless punk-ish proceeding with excursions in rotten slower moments.

Rotting alive nails our attention with its Heavy'n'Rolling technique in strings that i admire so much in Runemagick, for example. Rotting Alive shows very evil, aggressive and energetic vocals and lively drums in perfect classic Death rhythm, among agreeable changes of the march beat. 

Demon Skunk is another super track that will surprise: with evil raw demonic vocals that seem to come directly from another dimension they welcome us to hell. It begins slowly, groovy, impending, severe and bursts out then into another restless galloping run. Headbanging orgy. And when you think it's done, we get back to slow motion with desperate sorrowful melody and final hits of "vampiric" keys, which fade slowly into Shitgrinder that begins slow cadenced and unleashes then a brutal punk-ish attack with cutting and drilling guitars a bit in USA style.

Symptoms of the Flesh is another galloping assault but more cadenced and rolling with a certain Black appeal, with roaring crunchy riffings, distorted leads and even atmospheric drops.

F/C/D/C is overwhelming, with much melodic attitude, built on tight fast catchy loops: the classic track that... traps.

Doom and distorted, An evil Eye is simply fascinating, obsessive and scary, seductive: a reflection of our soul in the maze of our cyclopic odysseys. A fantastic and original way to close the album.

And now, for the record, who are ChaosBreeD? Ladies and gentlemen here they are: Taneli Jarwa (ex-Sentenced, The Black League) - vocals, Esa Holopainen (Amorphis) - guitar, Oppu Laine (Mannhai) - bass, Marko Tarwonen ( Moonsorrow) - guitar, Nalle Österman (do you remember a band called Gandalf?) - drums. Producers: Santeri Kallio and Niclas Etelävuori. The "Amorphis clan" never stops surprising me: after the great To separate the Flesh from the Bones, now i can only say Hail and Horns up to ChaosBreeD \m/!!

Rating: 9.6/10


dalia di giacomo    

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