flesh without soul 
your inner wasteland to behold 






Athanassios Aggelis - guitars/keys

Apollon Zigomalas - vocals


Session members: George Kollias (Nightfall, Sickening Horror) on the drums and Ilias Daras (Sickening Horror) on the bass guitar.On September 2004 G.Kollias was hired as the new Nile drummer so the band replaced him with Antonis Kollaros who is now the new, permanent drummer.


THE CIRCLE OF ZAPHYAN: "Flesh without Soul"  (promo)      the circle of zaphyan     

All music by Athanassios Aggelis, all lyrics by Apollon Z. the demo was recorded/mixed/produced by Athanassios Aggelis in Zero Gravity Studios     


review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   


Get ready for a shock

'Flesh Without Soul' cd is a promo from Circle Of Zaphyan forthcoming debut album called 'Biomechanical Psychosynthesis Eternal' as mentioned in the inner sleeve of the cd. The band comes from Athens, Greece and i would describe their music as space black metal. What captures my attention immediately is the ultra clean production and the incredible drumming by the one and only George Kollias (Nile,Nightfall).

The 2 compositions that are presented here are 2 well worked songs with amazing ideas and if their first album follows the same high standards get ready for a shock. 'Flesh without soul' starts with a blasting combination of riffs and drums after a short intro. The rest of the song is simply mind blowing, Apollon's vocals are incredible and along with Athanassios' storm of riffs and melodies add the freakin' double bass drumming of Kollias and you get an idea of what's happening.

Next song 'Your inner Wasteland to behold' is another killer tune on the same standards with the first track. It kicks in with a huge riff and the massacre begins. The keyboards add to the whole atmosphere with fills where needed. 

This cd came as a very pleasant surprise to me and it makes me wait anxiously for their full length album. These guys have the potential for something big. Judging by these 2 songs i only have the best to say. Visit their site and check them, listen to their music.

Dimitris Theodoropoulos
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