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1. A Star Avoids The Light

2. Sleepless Sleepwalking

3. No Rest

4. My Girlfriend Is A Jesusfreak

5.  Way To End

6. Wrapped Up Soul

7. Drinking Keeps Me From Drowning In This Desert Called Life

8. Freezing Sun


Alex Büche

Sandro Gysin
Lead Guitar

Joachim Lötscher
Rhyhtm Guitar

Dominique Anceschi

David Horstmann

COILCRY: "Music For The Ugly People    Foto von COILCRY 

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Produced by Coilcry

Recorded at Dominique Anceschi Studios

Mastered at BWS Studios

review  by Dominic Latscha____   

You might ask yourself what “Flash Metal” means, right?


Coilcry is a Flash Metal Band from Basel. That’s a place in the canton Basel-City, Switzerland and the band got founded in 2003.  You might ask yourself what “Flash Metal” means, right? I gonna tell you something! In my eyes, “Flash Metal” is a powerful mix of Southern Metal and Stoner Rock combined with a shot of Dirty Rock’N’Roll. I think that’s the true definition of this sound.

The five Swiss issued their full-length debut “Music For The Ugly People” in 2010. This album was recorded at Dominique Ancesci Studios and mastered at BWS Studios. They released an own production called “Oddworld” a long time ago and I was really excited about this new record.

What can you expect on “Music For The Ugly People”? In opposition to other bands Coilcry do an own thing. They write about real things and there’s no space for any bullshit. In spite of this realness, the sense of humor never gets lost! It starts with the ironic album title and goes on with the track “My Girlfriend Is A Jesusfreak” and ends with “Drinking Keeps Me Away From Drowning In This Desert Called Life”.

The opening track “A Star Avoids The Light” starts with a spoken word intro about chemical gases. Then singer Alex Büche starts to rock with his Dirty Rock’N’Roll vocals and lead guitar player Sandro Gysin is responsible for the powerful guitar tunes together with Rhythm guitar player Joachim Lötscher. Meanwhile, drummer David Horstmann kicks his drum kit.

“Sleepless Sleepwalking” gets into your head and you can’t get it out anymore. There’s no break to breathe through, because they kick ass from the beginning. The song arrangements remind a little bit of Black Label Society and a whiff of Zakk Wylde gleams through.

“No Rest” has a strong Iron Maiden vibe and is more melodic than its precursors. You even recognise that when Alex Büche starts to sing and it is a little bit smoother, but not worse.

“My Girlfriend Is A Jesusfreak” is my personal favorite on “Music For The Ugly People”. A kick ass track straight into the faces of all lying bible fanatics and their followers! The lyrics show a strong touch of irony with a shot of sarcasm. There’s still no time for compromises and Coilcry ignite a real Metal firework. They should release this song as a single and shoot a video to it!

“Way To End” starts with a guitar riff, which Metallica could not have created better. Generally, the songs reminds of the old school records and singer Alex Büche sounds like James Hetfield at some passages.

“Wrapped Up Soul” is a straight Thrash Metal track. It has every element what a great Thrash Metal song needs and shows a different facette of this band.

“Drinking Keeps Me From Drowning In This Desert Called Life” starts as an Instrumental ballad with a smooth tune. That’s really particular. If you think this song goes on the whole time on this way, then you are damn wrong! This track becomes a straight kick ass track and might confuse some listeners.

“Freezing Sun” is the last track on “Music For The Ugly People”. A great track with a strong Godsmack-touch and it’s very becoming to singer Alex Büche.

Although Coilcry are influenced by American Metal bands like Godsmack, Metallica and Label Society, they do their own thing and always let an own note slip in their songs. It’s one reason next to the great live performances why this band is much better than the mediocre music on MTV or on the radio!

I hope a record label signs this band. It would be a damn shame if these talented guys end up without success!





written  by Dominic Latscha  

Dominic Latscha is reviewer for since 2010

He is based in Switzerland.


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