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CONCEPT 7: "Extract e. p."      concept  7            Eartspike productions 



featuring 3 songs from the new forthcoming CD "The Undeniable Constant" set  to deliver 12 new tracks and due for release Summer 2005

review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Great music for our dear "vampire nation" 's... arm

This is Industrial -Techno with energy and an high  aesthetic level. This is really some good Techno/Industrial from England. It's no wonder cause UK, that is showing a growing lively underground scene involving many genres,  is unstoppably becoming  one among the leading countries in  matter Industrial. Fortunately, the Britannic Industrial doesn't sleep on a couple of glorious names, on the contrary lives in  constant evolution and innovation.  Moreover  Industrial is around since the 70's , so it had enough time to branch off a lot and to run as fast as time does. Concept 7, formed in 1999, is a  noticeable proposal  in this sector and can represent a source of many ideas to come and  a very known protagonist presence in short time. They started from their studio, based in South London,  with the aim  of  writing a very modern Industrial sound, mixed with Techno elements without  forgetting to include a strong sound of guitars and melodies. The result , like we can hear in  this selection called  "Extract e. p.", is a very impressive  music i would like to listen as soundtrack for dark movies of action . This should have been the music for Blade for example, instead of what  the film series have proposed.   In fact  the thing  that impresses me the most is that this is Industrial Techno of great force. Though these tracks can (and must) be presented in clubs during   Industrial /Techno/ Electro-metal/ Gothic parties, they are actually something mightier and of such a sharp resolution that it's really a pity not to give to them an adequate underlining, cause, i repeat, this music would sound gorgeous on the wide screen.  

All 3 tracks are sinister enough, with a great instrumental and i presume programming engagement. The techno noise elements are well merged with guitars and enthralling rhythmic loops. It's groovy beat-techno/industrial suitable to be danced but even better for creating an unique atmosphere of sensual fear, of pulsing yet appealing oppression: in my opinion this is, in particular,  the portrait of the second track Subversion, based on recurrent loops that  do create that genre of atmosphere able to  evoke an obscure mood. The groovy beat of Subversion intertwines with  the constant wings of a background of darkness and mystery (the same darkness of Sulpher's One of Us) , therefore is the ideal  piece of music to include in  dark parties for Goths.   If there is a certain repetitiveness, this doesn't disturb at all, on the contrary it gives that kind of trance magnetism that you can find , though differently applied, in Ministry for example. In an imaginary dj compilation, Subversion could precede the wonderful Problem by Sulpher. And actually the musical  similarities between Sulpher and Concept7,  developing however each band a personal style,  is another thing that makes me  appreciate so much Concept  7, cause they can be included  in that branch of Industrial able to  arouse much emotionalism instead of  cold cyber- flavor only, yet remaining very hard and massive, and consequently fully appropriate for an open-minded metal scene however . 

Functional concrete is very biting and rhythmic, lively and syncopated , whose industrial elements are well mixed with synthetic noise. Here again the recurrent loops attract the attention. Corporation Tank is also  very dark but with a latent aggressiveness and a sense of struggle: a more synthetic-progressive and less beat-y music is strangely applied to a temperament  that should make group and rebellion. Vocals (presumably by Titus (ex Rife) ), mainly clear,  are warm and tempting. Tempting is the full length album, absolutely. 

In few words, Concept 7, who find the time for producing remix projects for other Techno/Industrial artists like Cj Sherwood and terminal Curve, create a great music for our dear "vampire nation" 's ...arm


dalia di giacomo    
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