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White Line

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Britney Beach Ė Vocals

Sexy Sadie Ė Lead Guitar

Spicy Sky Ė Guitar and backing vocals

Mallaury Murder Ė Bass

Xander Xanax Ė Drums

CRACK OV DAWN: "White Line"   crack ov dawn    


review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ Matthew Haumschild         

I didnít care much for the singer, although he isnít the worst singer Iíve ever heard but with those lyrics, some people might make an exception. For me, that was my major hang up about this band, is the lyrics. They are all god awful! 

Well, I do like the fact that there is more music coming from France. To be honest, the only other French band I can think of is Lycosia. Crack Ov Dawn isnít all that different from Lycosia. The difference is that COD sounds sadder and slower but has a heavier glam influence than Lycosia does. COD takes goth and glam to the extremes. Iím not sure if this extreme is a good thing or not.



            The lyrics in this song are actually pretty bad. I donít mind cussing in songs as long as there is emotion to back it up with. I felt that the singer wasnít conveying any emotion at all and he was cussing without reason. I was scratching my head during the whole song asking, ďWhat is he trying to say in this song? That I am a Ďfucking piece of shit?íĒ It didnít make much sense to me, then when he uttered, ďGet in the ring.Ē I immediately thought of the Guns ní Roses song, ďGet in the Ring.Ē And I was instantly turned off by it. The song, minus the lyrics is actually pretty good. Itís heavy, it flows and itís dark but not really dark. I really dug the drumming in this song.


            Love Injection

            The best way to describe this song is to combine the silly lyrics of a punk band, get Axel Rose depressed, take a Finnish Goth band to lay down some depressing guitar work, and add unnecessary cussing. When I add these elements up, I get Love Injection. The guitar riffs are catchy, albeit a little depressing, but the drumming is absolutely perfect for this song. This song is basically worth listening to for the musical aspect of it, just try to ignore the lyrics and itís not bad. The singerís tone isnít too bad but it needs a lot of work and it really shows in this track.


            Not 4 Fun

            This track starts out kind of slow but it has a beautiful guitar solo. Surprising the singing is halfway tolerable and is half way melodic. The lyrics areÖwellÖcrap. But the way they are sung arenít bad at all. Itís amazing what a little reverb does to vocals. During the chorus of the song, the producer/engineer places a plate like reverb on his vocals and places that same reverb on the guitar solo two stanzas later. Itís a good track to listen to in the car or if you are reading a book, but this song would really drag if it were played live.


            In My Veins

            Finally, a rock song! Crack finally decides to play a more of a hard rock song  by speeding up their guitars and the rest of the tempo. This song doesnít sound like the rest of the songs on here. My favorite bad lyric of the song is, ďDo you want to suck me bitch?Ē What is this a rap song? I was willing to ignore saying anything about the lyrics because up until this point in the song. Lines like this, have virtually no place in this style of music. Sure, you could use it but in the correct context and I fail to see that context with a glam/goth band. I can see it in a Pantera song where the songs are a bit more personable but not with this band. The rest of the song is performed well, the actually singing is okay, but the lyrics make it unbearable.


            Sonic Qualities:

            I felt the quality of the mix was dead on. The only complaint I really had was that the guitars felt cold and maybe a little flat sounding. This is a-typical of pro-tools. Same thing on how the snare drum came out. The tone for both would be great, but it lacked depth. The vocals sounded great in the mix, the guitars, bass, everything sounded great in the mix. I do wish the producer would have placed more effects on his vocals like he had on Not 4 Fun. I believe it would have made a difference in the bandís overall sound and image it tries to portray.


            Final Observations:

            I felt the band was solid. I didnít care much for the singer, although he isnít the worst singer Iíve ever heard but with those lyrics, some people might make an exception. For me, that was my major hang up about this band, is the lyrics. They are all god awful! The music is great but the lyrics are very poor in quality and content. I believe thereís a time and place for everything. In gothic music in general there isnít that much cussing (swearing) at all. Never once have I ever heard To/Die/For, Type O Negative, or Lacuna Coil cuss during their songs. And if they did, they didnít over do it. Itís hard to blend attitude with gothic, I suppose thatís where the glam aspect comes in.


rating: 4/10   



Matthew Haumschild   28.07.2006
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