Fix the Focus


Dare to Collapse

Pulse of minority



My own Darkness

Neurosis 404

The Elegy of a Forgotten Science

Suicide Solution*

*cover of Ozzy Ozbourne


Total playing time: 40:48


the suicide crew:


Torsten Eggert - bass

Martin Reichert - electronics

Eike Freese - vocals, guitar

Jrn Schubert - lead guitar

Andr Schumann - drums


DARK AGE: "Dark Age"                      dark age                  Remedy Rec.

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                                     

Time for Dark Age!! I m sorry to reveal yet know the rate of this album but everyone should know from the beginning: Dark Age are gods, they deserve only the best possible review and the highest possible rating!! There is no possibility to avoid the fact, that this cd, as every cd recorded by them until now, deserves a fat 10 and a place in the list of the best albums of the year!!

What do you want me to tell you? Listening to Dark Age is simple ecstasy, their sound is a mix of the best trademarks of melodic Death Metal, with often shouted and sometimes clean vocals, and some electronic features. The technical standard of every instrument is at the highest possible level, and this allows the band to do what they want! From the first till the last note of  this cd, my dear friends from Germany unleash an energy and awake feelings that are hard to describe, as the listener almost drowns in them!! Dark Age sound sad, sound happy, sound angry, sound frustrated, sound simply everything!

I really can t explain to myself, why this band is known by so few people, in my opinion they are the most underestimated band in the metallic world!! These guys deserve to be named together with bands like In Flames or Soilwork!! 

The riffing through the whole cd is as catchy as riffs can be, the choruses are simply superb, the solos are full of melody and variate in every song! The drums are sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes they blast and at every moment they do exactly the best to carry the structures and the emotions that Dark Age want to transmit! The bass and the keyboard put the needed and sometimes even surprising accents, the vocals are as said most of the time shouted and sometimes clean. The clean vocal parts, are perhaps a little bit unusual at first listening, but for me simply characteristic for the band.  

There is no song to be specially mentioned, because every track stands for its own! Even the ballad My own Darkness is in its desperated ad sad way beautiful (and for usual I hate ballads, I really hate them!). If you want to catch the trademarks of this band, you perhaps better listen to the first three songs, but this does not mean that these are the best ones, really, everything here is perfect!

Last thing to be mentioned is the guest appearance of Johan Edlund from Tiamat on Dare to collapse (This song represents the band on the compilations of the last RockHard and Legacy issues) and  The Elegy of a Forgotten Science, the guest appearance of Nachtgarm from Negator ( Track nr. 8), Florian Kloff from Eclipsis ( track nr. 6) and my friend Alex Muritz of Serpent Soul (track nr. 4).

And this is my command: go to the next cd store, buy this divine masterpiece and put it on an altar! I m on my knees, with tears of happiness in my eyes!!  

Rating: 10/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi  09.05.2004
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