When The World Disappeared

Miss You More

Drifting Sideways

A New Dawn

Far Too Deep

Digital Dream

You Say...

Mary Jane

The Day’s Not Done



Steffen: Vocals, Synthesizer, Compositions

Thomas: Synthesizer, 2 Vocals, Lyrics

DE/VISION: "Devolution"          de/vision         E-Wave Records / Drakkar  

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


It was 2001 when this historic electro-pop band gave me the pleasure to listen to a wonderful cd ..called "Two". 
They're back with this new work that unfortunately is not up to the task if  compared with "Two". 
Attention......the cd is not a totally bad cd and of course the band is able to create good and easy arrangements. Their style is not changed and the electronic parts are well done and settled.
Good arrangements but i think that in this album the band hasn't had good ideas regarding the melodies. In many cases they try to cover the lack of good melodies with the electronic parts.
"Sadness" gets  good arrangements but ...where is the melody??? The following "When the world disappear" is another unless song in which the good electronic parts are not supported by a good melody.
"Miss you more" is a little bit better...the melody is good and the easy arrangement gives a good touch. The quality of this album is mediocre and "Drifting sideways" tries to raise the sort with a club rhythm .....nothing special!
"A new dawn" is a very good song. The sadness fills this song...and a bit of melancholy: they are the right elements to create a very synth wave-ballad!
"Far too deep" is poor...another delusion!!!!!!Too much easy the structure and the melody ........I wonder what has become of them!!!!!
"Digital dream" tries to create ideas from electronic parts...and the arrangements in some parts seem to be taken from discomusic. The melody is, like often,  mediocre.
"You say"...is a very good song..in which the deepness of the melody rules the song....one of the few song of this cd.
"Mary Jane" will be forgotten in few minutes...another bad song, while the last song "The day 's not done" is another good song .
My impression is that they have composed this album in a big hurry..........in a period with no many ideas!!!!!!!
If you want to listen to a good cd....go to buy "Two"........
Salvo Russo  
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