World Domination
We shall all bleed
Code of Honor
Losers' Ballet
Dark Cell
Crown of Creation
End begins
As Words to Bullets
Praeludium II
To where the Skies are blue




Sabine Weniger - Vocals
Johannes Prem - Vocals
Tobias Graf - Drums
Thomas Huschka - Bass
Gert Rymen - Guitar
Sebastian Reichl - Guitar

DEADLOCK: "Wolves"    deadlock         Lifeforce Records 

All music written and arranged by S. Reichl, T. Graf and S. Weniger.
Keyboards and programmings by S. Reichl.
Additional keys and piano performed by S. Weniger.
Orchestral sections composed and conducted by S. Reichl and S. Weniger.
All lyrics written by J. Prem.

Recorded, produced and engineered by S. Reichl.
Drums recorded by Denis Richter at gaia studios.
Mixed by Jacob Hansen at (except track 12 mixed by Michael Popp)
Mastered by Ziggy at

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


strong gothic, melodic and Black elements.

The first time that I listened to 'Wolves' from Deadlock, I was impressed. The mix of metal
other genres was phenomenal and pr
ecise (sorry to the naysayer reviewer but there is 
nothing wrong with music evolving from it's classic origins ). This is a very listenable 
disk and doesn't get old or boring. The clear female vocals are strong and blend quite well 
with the male guttural and parallel at time vocals. The guitar solos in the songs harkens 
back the days of classic rock and really lets your mind wander. The electronic interjections 
add a lighter touch that allows the listener continue following along without becoming 
bogged down in total cookie cutter predictability that can ruin a good album. The lyrics 
are crafted in a manner in which tells a story in which the listeners become enthralled
and must get every word as not to miss anything. Of course the drums go with out saying 
tie it all together constant in most heavier accompaniment almost like the foundation of 

Deadlock seems to have found the right formula that creates an awesome if not heavy
progressive style of metal combining strong gothic, melodic and black elements.
Hailing from Schwarzenfeld Germany, Deadlock worked with Lifeforce Records to what could 
become a highly sought after platter. From its bombastic beginnings to its slow solemn
ending Deadlock doesn't disappoint, if you enjoy cutting edge metal.

Wolves is six in a line of collections of music from Deadlock, 3 of which are full length 
CDs. Code of Honor and Losers' Ballet and End Begins are my favorites off the album though 
it is all good.

rating: 9,5/10  


Steve Rautner  01.08.2007


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