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  1. Chertograd

  2. Night Electric Night

  3. Death dies hard

  4. Mark of the Gun

  5. Via the End

  6. Blood stains Blondes

  7. Babylon

  8. The Fuel ignites

  9. Arclight

  10. Venus in Arms 11. Opium

  11. Night Electric Night (The Night ignites Remix)

  12. Via the end (Piano Version)

  13. Night Electric Night (featuring Adrian Erlandsson)




Andreas „Whiplasher Bernadotte“ Bergh -Vocals

Emil „Nightmare Industries“ Nödtveidt - Guitar and Electronics

Ole „Bone W Machine“ Öhman - Drums
Jonas „Skinny Disco“ Kangur - Bass

Eric „Cat Casino“ Bäckman - Guitars

DEATHSTARS: "Night electric Night"  deathstars      


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

I bring no shelter cause I...

I will deny you
This world belongs to me
You try to fake it
But all wounds are there to see

Death Dies Hard
Watch as the Devil gets sold to me
Death Dies Hard
Enter hell and use the bone of God as key

Spectral approach goes into fear.

The future of metal music: ..oniric, horror, industrial, involving…all into an electro-rock contest…like in the best tradition. and I can image them like a perfect mixture among Rammstein , Adema, Zeromancer, Oomph!...with an incredible horror-black approach that concerning the use of keyboard can remind of bands like Dimmu Borgir!!!!!!!

Andreas Bergh is great to give a special interpretation in every song... in which his great approach makes the difference getting a perfect musical theatre, full of ambient and fear, that is the result of a perfect band!
Deathstars' characteristic is to create very involving songs where the spectral approach goes into a refrain full of groove…through a modern sound that exploits the best sound- technology…The album is the result of a great mix of elements; the sound and the groove…that are already the mark of this band…

The album is almost perfect…and each track is well elaborated under all aspects…the production s great as well as all arrangements…
“Death dies hard” is pure adrenaline, in which the band gives a great demonstration of creativity…and tops itself in the spectral “The Mark of the Gun” and the unforgettable “Blood staines Blondes” that even if is very similar to already mentioned “Death dies hard” is full of groove…

There’s also space for a dark modern ballad dedicated to Jon Nördtveit (R.I.P.), Emil’s brother, who was Dissection leader, in which the band is able to release a very incredible suffering feeling . I underline the great “The Fuel ignites” in which Ole Öhman is able to create a very great drumming and where the chorus and the involving keyboard gives the magic touch…

The only remark  is the lack of variety of style…that in this kind of music is very evident…
The  amazing “Opium” (that is not a Moonspell cover) closes this album in a great way… another unforgettable modern metal anthem…

Watch the vultures as they open their eyes
Can you please, please give them something
Play the heavens with the Devils dice
Can you serve them, feed em with your king

rating: 9,5/10  

Salvo Russo  02.03.2009 
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