1. Introt
2. Flamethrower Carnival
3. Total Morbid
4. Blood sucking Fuck
5. Abhorrent sadistic Tormentor
6. Lord of Ymodos
7. Witch of Death
8. Necrosodomizer
9. Bitchfinder
10. Violence Blasphemy
11. Coffin Fornicator
12. Worthless Scum
13. Fuck off and die
14. Death Maniac

recording line up

Terror - vocals guitars bass

Slade Doom - guitar

Morbid Juttu - drums

DEATHWITCH : "Violence, Blasphemy, Sodomy"      deathwitch         WickedWorld/Earache Records 

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Ace musical ideas under the veil of an assaulting barbaric genuine Death with some tensions to Black. Indeed moments of doom and of atmosphere are not missed, without speaking about the final Death and Rocking appeal provided by the last track. A super album with few rivals. Sadistic but catchy torment of class with the right  musical contents, offered always at the right moment.

This album has been presented like delivering a primitive Death from Sweden, an album without any pretentions, without particular messages, without much political correctness. Undomesticated Death, more or less like it was invented. If you like it ok, if not patience... no one will give a fuck ! ...remember ? hehehehe but one thing has not been very much underlined : this album is ace ! We have here a super killer that will make the joy of all maniacs.  Rich in catchiness, in instrumental ability, and in atmosphere too. One important feature must be told at once : Mr Terror Rudolfsson he himself is present in the line up as vocalist, guitarist, and bass player. And one can hear it, cause there is much of Runemagick in this album. I don't know how much seriously Terror considers this project but surely Deathwitch is a kind of second little creature for him, and however i can imagine he is not the person that does something without liking it. Consequently one should listen to Runemagick before, and being very used to Death, before taking conclusion about this release. I have heard every possible comment about Violence, Blasphemy and Sodomy, but, above any considerations of press, this album is mega extreme and in the same time completely listenable, even enchanting in some moments, fully suitable for headbanging orgies, for all  die hard people of Black, Death and Doom, always worthy from the first to the last track. Extreme : yes; difficult to acknowledge : no, so you can freely enjoy every single moment that this album delivers, cause there is always a clear musical construction that you can follow. Very far from being primitive imo, this music is full of facettes.  There are many atmospheric hyper heavy moments of slowness in Doom direction delivered with the typical rolling percussive style of Runemagick that explodes in fast Death attacks without losing the thread of their speech : this is what happens in Bitchfinder, obviously one of my fav : simply sensational, imo. And concerning the blasphemous lyrics and that some tracks end with a final, almost vomited, "bitch" or "fuck" doesn't upset me at all. I find that terrorism or some aspect of the world politics and business are much more blasphemous. Though me too i would have preferred to handle with ...er..more "cultural" lyrics.

We start off very fast after a very short "spoken " intro with the catchy relentless Flamethrower Carnival, very oriented towards Black. And we remain high with the third track Total morbid, one of the best Death ride i have ever heard, that knows how to alternate drilling assaults and interlocutory cadenced moments. Heaviness reigns  undisputed with an instrumental background able to awake the dead, cause a great work done by the guitars is well mixed with that kind of obscure and occult rhythmic sphere imported directly from Runemagick. 

Blood sucking Fuck delivers rolling and vibrate rhythmic and lots of solos that should appeal to the American taste, a bit erratic but never loses its identity. Abhorrent sadistic Tormentor is a pushing violent assaulter, with  in crescendo loops and virtuoso guitar solos; when you think it's the end, a formidable hammering and thunderous outro loop in full Runemagick style fills up the whole ambience, fading into the cavernous sinister and echoed  Lord of Ymodos, short and simply instrumental, or, better said, a growing multi-layered thunder, whose bass tonalities make vibrate the ground. 

Contrast : after the slow mighty manifestation we start off again with vomiting and brachial vocals, fast riffs,  drilling solos and tremolos, and with an exceptional classic relentless Death drumming thanks to Witch of Death and Necrosodomizer, brutal and with an interesting short insertion of distorted lead guitars that remind me of the old times of Doom pioneering . 

In heavy mid tempo and with Doom attitude awaits us Bitchfinder, one of the best tracks for me, if it's possible to identify a best track, in which the old times of Doom really surface now, up-to-dated through a very attentive  arrangement and empowered by a final fast burst. 

Violence Blasphemy is another fast whirlpool of musical force, really unleashed with touch of atmospheric Doom in its last part that stand out like a shout of stone. Coffin fornicator is an excellent track where fast assaults meet guitar solos and pushing infallible overwhelming rhythmic, based on iterative hook-loops.  

Worthless Scum is again a bit erratic, while Fuck off and die proceeds pushing and reverberant, iterative with moderate tempo changes that allow you to slightly modify your headbanging gear, waiting for the final speeding up and slowing down. 

The album closes with Death Maniac : "come to me i make you bleed"...a "summa teologica" of Death in both European and American appeal, with Heavy Rocking hooks, headbanging fury, melodic patterns, evil vocals that, very satisfied, tower this quintessence of pleasure ! Outstanding ! Evidently Mr Terror is leaving his signature, and Deathwitch know well what the maniacs want and when. This album is ready to be consumed but with no commercial or sold out propension, nonetheless it's no hyperbolic art that ends up covered by dust. If you are into Death and, in general, if you are a fan of extreme music, it's sure that this album will enter your personal playlist, in spite of everything.

Recorded and mixed at the Magic Sound Studio too, Violence Blasphemy Sodomy shows a very good production too. I really don't know if i'm doing something positive for this release telling you that it is a very cool "shit" . But it's the truth. Death maniacs !! : here is merciless but intelligent stuff and pleasure for your fangs !! 

Rating: 9.8/10


dalia di giacomo    
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