1. Kill Maim Burn
2. For God, Emperor And Fatherland

3. Hordes Of Chaos

4. The Fall Of Gondolin
5. Butchered Zombies

6. The Fifth Battle

7. Insane Human Butchery

8. Slaves To Darkness

Thomas (Vocals)

Eri (Guitar)

Marco (Bass)
Dani (Drums)

 DEBAUCHERY: "Kill Maim Burn"               debauchery      

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___               

This band exists only since February 2003, but they have already brought out their debut. “Kill Maim Burn” is pure old-school Death Metal, you have to think about bands like Six Feet Under. The indeed very deep growl-voice of Thomas often reminds to Chris Barnes, but he’s also able to scream high, hysterical and in a way like Black Metal-singers do it. Old-school Death Metal – that means most of the time a lot of groove, a slow tempo and innumerable bang-parts. 

It’s not that Debauchery’s sound is very confounded, pretentious or original, but the four guys from Stuttgart (actually I don’t know who’s the guitarist at the moment, Eri left some time ago) do their thing and they do it good. 

The texts are always about fantasy things, but with a real background, war in any figure. And of course gory titles like “Butchered Zombies” or “Insane Human Butchery” aren’t missing. As I said before, most of the songs are slow or in midtempo, and the slowest on of all is “Hordes Of Chaos”, kind of Doom-Death, if you look at the tempo. 

A bit special is the fourth track called “The Fall Of Gondolin”, where the band shows some Black Metal-influences, and Thomas changes his vocals between growling and high screaming. 

What all songs have in common is that they are a bit monotonous, but I think this is also part of this style of Death Metal, so this is not really a negative point. 

 An interesting thing is the fast success of Debauchery. I mean the band was found in spring 2003, and “Kill Maim Burn” was released already five months later. That’s not a usual thing, but at my opinion, the band deserves that. What you can hear, when you listen to the album, is, that Debauchery already had some live-experience, when they recorded “Kill Maim Burn”, because they were on tour with Hate Plow, Illdisposed and Rotten Sound. 

I think fans of simple, brutal and groovy Death Metal will like this album, because the strength of Debauchery is the fact, that they are able to create songs which base on just a few, but very effective riffs, and that’s as difficult as creating a song which contains twenty riffs and lots of breaks. 

What Debauchery can do in the future to extend their music is to create more original songs, but that shouldn’t mean that they are just a copy, absolutely not. So I’m really tensed of their second album “Rage Of The Bloodbeast”, which is "cumming" soon, like it’s written on the homepage. At least, I want to say that Old-school Death Metal fans should lend an ear to Debauchery, you won’t regret it!    

Rating: 8/10  


Boris Witta    

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