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Cover artwork by Derek Hess, known for his artwork on 

"Come Clarity"  by In Flames

  1. Mindplague
  2. Rain
  3. Beast in the Cage
  4. Mechantical
  5. Crehate
  6. Rise above
  7. No fucking Way


Alex Losbäck - Vocals

Timmy Leng- Lead Guitar

Fredrik Meister- Bass

Johan Sporre - Guitar

Oskar Nilsson - Drums


Joseph Astorga and John Lidén are no longer members in DESPITE. 
Joseph has been replaced by Master Drummer OSKAR NILSSON (ex. INGNIS)
John has been replaced by JOHAN SPORRE (ex. MARIONETTE)


Knut Agnred from the Swedish comedy group Galenskaparna/Aftershave appears as guest-singer on the track "Mindplague".

Interview with Alex Losbäck
DESPITE: "In your Despite" 


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Release date: August 11th 2009, debut album  on brand-new record label "Tractor Productions Black Label"

Mastered at Surroundworks studios.

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 


Better and more melodic than The Haunted.


           I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing who this band was because I hadn’t heard of them either. That’s what I am here for, to tell you all about this unknown band out of…somewhere in Europe; Gothenburg Sweden to be exact. Wait! Gothenburg!? Hmmm that sounds good so far. Lets see here, who’s from Gothenburg…In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, and a dozen other kick-ass melodic-death-metal bands. So, if Despite is from there, then they must be good right?


            I’ve thought about this a lot lately; what makes a band sound good to me? I’ve been reviewing bands for sometime now. I’ve heard good bands and I’ve heard not so good bands, but the recording can make all the difference in the world. So, you might ask, “What makes a band sound good?” The answer: the snare drum. If the snare drum sounds like shit, the rest of the band will too. Thankfully, Despite has a great sounding snare drum to go along with their equally heavy as hell guitar sound. Despite has a dirty/clean singing style. Meaning that more than half the time they are screaming/growling and the other quarter or third of the time they are actually singing.


            My first impression of them is that they have a little bit of The Haunted element to them, only they sound better and more melodic than The Haunted. I like them. After listening to them a few times, I am really not turned off by them at all. Although, I wish there were more than seven tracks on the CD. The tracks worth listening to are, “Mindplague,” “Beast In The Cage,” “Crehate,” and “No Fucking Way.” If you’ve observed this correctly, they are the odd numbered songs. This is pure coincidence-trust me. “Crehate” and “No Fucking Way” sound like Soilwork songs. Fast, faster than mid-paced, melodic, with plenty of aggressive singing. Great songs to listen to when you’re driving, working out, anything really, except gardening. I was reading a sci-fi murder mystery novel listening to this CD.


            My final thoughts are this, this is a good album from a band I’ve never heard of. As I am getting older, I am getting pickier about the music I buy. I typically stick to music I know and I rarely branch out and buy new music within the metal genre. I would buy this CD. You can’t get that much better as an endorsement to purchase. If you are a fan of the above-mentioned bands, you’ll dig Despite.

rating: 8/10    = Buy it and see them live.


review by Matthew Haumschild   

Matthew Haumschild is a staff writer/editor for since 2002

He is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA he can be reached at and  on


DESPITE was formed in 1998 by bassist Fredrik Meister and lead guitarist Timmy Leng. When vocalist Jimmie Strimell left for Dead By April, the band underwent personnel changes. Drummer Joseph Astorga and guitarist John Lidén were recruited, and in 2007 Alex Losbäck Holstad (ex-Decameron, ex-Cardinal Sin, ex-Runemagick) completed the lineup when DESPITE chose him to be the new lead vocalist. In order to reach it's full potential John Lidén was replaced with Johan Sporre (guitar) and Joseph Astorga was replaced with Oscar Nilsson (drums) in 2009.

DESPITE begun demo sessions in the fall of 2008, which led to the recording of an entire album for Tractor Productions. The result is now ready for release - "In Your Despite".

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