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 1. The Fallen Prophet

 2. Icarus’ Fall

 3. Psycho

 4. As Bloodshed Begins

 5. Buried in Oblivion

 6. The Saint And The Heretic

 7. The Purity Paradigm

 8. Inhale The Innocence

 9. Your Ravenous Greed

10. Sculpture Of Sorrow

11. I Surrender

total playtime: 44:01 min


Daniel Fellner 

vocals, guitar

Alex Kodnar 


Jörg Varga 


Thomas Urbanek 


DEVASTATING ENEMY: "The Fallen Prophet"        Foto von Devastating Enemy           

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Discography: The Gods of Reason [EP 2009]

Drumming is fantastic, almost a little too fantastic.

            I can’t say that there’s too much to complain about with, “Devastating Enemy.” Except maybe the band name is making the band too obvious of the type of music the band plays. That type of reminder, reminds me of “Cannibal Corpse,” I mean, every time one hears or sees that band name, you pretty much know what type of music it is and it isn’t country. I guess the only other thing I could complain about is that, although Daniel Fellner is a more than adequate singer, great tone, great presence, ect but my only complaint about him is that I can’t understand half of what he’s growling about. In my opinion, that is more than likely the producer’s fault for not recognizing this and not working with him. Be that as it may, my fellow readers who have not heard this band, let me try to describe the kind of music they do play. Mostly it’s just plain metal. It’s not death metal, it’s not black metal, and it’s not melodic death metal. Are there aspects of Screamo (as much as I hate that word as a genre) melodic death metal, hardcore, and thrash. Ultra fast drumming, fast guitar work, great solos, the singing is mostly growling with hints at singing ala Fear Factory, and the bass is drowned out in the mix. I hope that gives you a general idea.


            Some of the highlights of the album include: “Psycho,” “As Bloodshed Begins,” “ Buried in Oblivion,” and “I Surrender.” Without sounding too negative, those songs really stand out from the rest of the album for all the other songs get kind of redundant after a while. 

“Psycho” and “As Bloodshed Begins” both have very catchy guitar riffs with start and stop instrument playing which made me and anyone else want to listen to again and again. A good song is when it makes the listener want to listen to it multiple times and I feel that those two songs really do it. The thing they both have in common is the singing. It’s varied up from screaming to growling and it’s done nicely. Absolutely great songs! I recommend everyone to hear those. As for, “Buried in Oblivion” and “I Surrender” ; “Buried in Oblivion,” is just an all out heavy song, great pace and great guitar work that remind me a lot like Soilwork. Very catchy and I love how the mood changes several times in the song it self. I’d love to hear it live. Now, “I Surrender” sounds like a doom sounding death metal. It’s slower, darker that the rest of the tracks and it’s really long.


            Overall, the album wasn’t half bad at all. I say buy the CD based on the songs I mentioned above. The drumming is fantastic, almost a little too fantastic, I would like to see Thomas Urbanek varied it up a bit and incorporate more styles in his playing and the singing needs to be a little clearer with the words. I think with that with those in mind, those changes would make this band a lot more dangerous going forward.

I’m giving it an 8/10 because the songs I mentioned were that good and I can see a lot of potential with this band. 7.5 would seem too low.



written  by Matthew Haumschild 

Matthew Haumschild is a staff writer/editor for since 2002

He is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA he can be reached at and  on  






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