Death Is Our Kingdom


Come To Me

Dying Dream

White Wedding (Billy Idol Cover)


Sinners Paradise

Queen of Razors

Buried Deep



Marcus Ehlin

DEVLIN: "Grand Death Opening"        devlin                 


"The conception of DEVLIN dates back to 1994, when Marcus Ehlin of SIEBENBÜRGEN began work on an obscure side project" 
review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


From Austria another Gothic Metal band that joins melodic parts similar to Lacuna Coil and growl vocals like Crematory.
The songs have a good rhythmic session and a very good female vocal but not all ideas and melodies are up to the task.
I have to say that keyboards are very good used with the right sounds and give a particular emphasis but are not supported by all other instruments ..that often are not well arranged.
The first track "Underworld" is a very melodic Gothic Metal song in which  Lexi's vocals show the best quality of the band.
"Death is our Kingdom" is of mediocre quality ....nothing original and my impression is that the band tries to join elements of Classic Gothic Metal and New Goth Metal but they don't find the right way and the song is boring.
I may say the same thing as regarding the following "Fade" and "Come to me", that sounds boring and very hard to hear completely!!!!!
"Dying Dream"is better and the decaying melody reminds me  of Lacuna Coil; A good idea Billy Idol's cover "White Wedding" rearranged in a good way in which i note a good atmosphere but the  guitar sound is too much soft.
"Divinity" is the usual song in which i note the male vocal similar to Crematory but here the very hard guitars are supported by a strong rhythmic session.
I prefer to forget the following "Sinner Paradise" in which there's no melody and i go to the next "Queen of Razor" that is a nice  ballad that shows the good quality of Lexi.
"Buried deep" closes this work and i have to say that this work has disappointed me. The production is mediocre  and i advice you to buy something else.
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