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1. Devil In A Bottle
2. Resurrection Nightmare
3. Innocence Extinct
4. Halls Of The Damned


total playtime: 15:49  min



Ariel Martinez  (ex Kataklysm)

Vocals and Lyrics

Jonathan Lozo

Guitar, All Music

DIABHOLICO: "Demo 2011"          Foto von Diabholico         

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 Tons of infernal fury for all of us.

Diabholic's first demo is here and brings tons of infernal fury for all of us. Their musical concept is pretty clear: a combination of diabolical ideas and the corrupted insane world we all live in .

Diabholico was formed in the Spring of 2010 in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Ex-Kataklysm Drummer Ariel Martinez sought out fellow musicians to start an old school style death metal band. Jonathan Lozo joined on guitar and the two started to write music for a demo. The result is no less than a upstanding destructive force. down-toned sinister guitar riffs and Old School Death Metal vocals , combined with a ore technical drum sound , that brings the production to our era. although it maintains the classic flavor that we all love. 

The songs are filled with hate and desperation , blast beats and crushing segments blend together to attack our ears. The way the songs portray our reality is upstanding. for instance their first song "Devil In A Bottle" is a song about how the devil would be blamed for the actions caused by someone’s alcoholism. The song  strikes you down with aggressive riffs that will blast your mind.

"Resurrection Nightmare" is the second song. a great song about zombies and their hunger for human brains. Very heavy and midpaced , with excellent guitar work. You really can't go wrong when it comes to zombies.

The third track , "Innocence Extinct " it's a song about The Balkan conflict and the crude reality of war. The music is the mutant child of BOLT THROWER and DYING FETUS. Intense and brutal ! but heavy as hell.

The last song is my favourite, "Halls Of The Damned" . This song is about the mind of the insane . and it features all the right elements. greats riffs , insane vocals and technical drum work. This kicks major ass.I'm pretty sure these guys are ready to follow the footsteps of other extreme Canadian bands and acquire international renounce. 


If you are into the Classic evil Death Metal, look for this great band . I feel good things are waiting for these guys. Diabholico are in the process of writing more songs to record a full length album in the near future. They are also seeking band members to complete their lineup.



written  by Alexander Ramirez Alexander Costaricanfan

        Alex Ramirez is Editor for Central and South America and reviewer in since 2005.

        He is based in Costa Rica; he can be reached on facebook  more under Team



September 12th, 2011



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