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by William Grim, Iconoclast Contributing Editor from http://www.iconoclast.ca

"You've undoubtedly heard by now that a demented fan last week killed heavy
metal guitarist Dimebag Abbott at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. While
I am extremely happy to hear that the assassin was shot to death by a brave
Columbus policeman and I in no way want to engage in a blaming the victim
scenario, I cannot deny that there much in Mr. Abbott's demise of one being
hoisted on one's petard. The squalor, inhumanity, filth (both in the
metaphorical and hygienic senses), depravity, ugliness and ignorance of
everything that heavy metal represents (Like rap, I cannot use the noble
term music in a description of heavy metal) creates a mindset among its
devotees in which Mr. Abbott's assassination was an event that was all but
waiting to happen.

 It was highly amusing, and also terribly sad, to watch on television fans
conducting a "vigil" for the slain Mr. Abbott outside of the Alrosa Villa.
It was an assemblage of ignorant, semi-human barbarians who were filthy in
attire and manner, intellectually incoherent and above all else, hideously
ugly to the point of physical deformity. Here is a definite case in which
the outer appearance of these "fans" accurately represented the hideousness
of their souls. That the physical deformity of their ugliness was
self-inflicted makes the spiritual tragedy of their misspent lives all the
more tragic.

 But one can see why the heavy metal fans so closely identified with Mr.
Abbott. He was an ignorant, barbaric, untalented possessor of a guitar and
large amplifier system. Freakish in appearance, more simian than human, he
was the performer of a type of "entertainment" that can be likened only to a
gorilla on PCP. Lacking subtlety, wit, style, emotional range and anything
approaching even the smallest iota of intellectual or musical interest, Mr.
Abbott was part of a generation that has confused sputum with art and
involuntary reflex actions with emotion.

 De gustibus non disputandem est. Matters of taste are not subject to
argument. That has been a general principle of aesthetics for some time, and
when we are talking about the visceral preference for Mozart or Haydn or
Beethoven among civilized human beings we are on pretty safe ground. I do
not understand exactly why I prefer Haydn to my good friend who prefers
Beethoven. But we both agree (as do all civilized human beings) that both
Messrs. Haydn and Beethoven are numerous steps further along the
evolutionary trail than Dimebag Abbott."

Whole thing found at

I dared this guy to a debate. Let's see if he will or not.
It's funny how this man says he is "Conservative" but he's not! He's far
from it the same remarks he has made have been said all too many times before
by the liberal American left. People plike Tipper Gore have said things like
this many times in the 1980's. Remember the P.M.R.C.? That was her. First
off, I never put anyone down even after they are dead. I have said before
that I hate Barbara Streisand and all in her genre, if she were to be
murdered in the same fashion as Dimebag. I wouldn't be talking trash! I may
hate her music and all within her genre, but hey, she has talent and people
like her. SO BE IT! And I would NEVER talk shit about her fans and what they
are like. This author tries to be intelligent but falls flat on his face.
Besides, Haydn sucks, Beethoven is much more talented, he wrote music even
when he was deaf. And about Dimebaf being barbaric? Excuse me Ted Kasinkski
aka "The Uni-Bomber" was a Havard grad or a Michigan grad, highly
intelligent and he had a massive beard and he lived as a hermit! This man
should really get his shit straight before making false assumptions. Thank


Matthew Haumschild 
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