Death conquers All
Europa burns
Under a bloodred Sky
The Hills have Eyes
Tide of Blood
Combat Fatigue
No Honor in Death
To end it All
Dark Depth
Black Sun


Matti Kärki - Vocals
David Blomqvist - Guitars
Martin Persson - Guitars
Tobias Cristiansson - Bass
Thomas Daun - Drums


DISMEMBER: "Dismember"  dismember            

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review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___           

This is it, baby. Death metal.

Yeah, this is it, baby. Death Metal. Swedish Death Metal. The land of originators like Entombed, Grave, Unleashed. And of course Dismember. 

There is nothing revolutionary new to tell about this quintet. Albums like “Like An Ever Flowing Stream”, “Massive Killing Capacity” or “Death Metal” (!!!) should be history enough. The new opus is the quintessence of what this band is made of, of what makes this bands pioneers of the real way of Death Metal. You think Amon Amarth is Death Metal? Arch Ene… excuse me, what? “Dismember”, the self-titled 8th album of the masters, grinds up ninety per cent of the today’s so called Death Metal - releases. Melodic Death? Great joke. This is it: An insane deep guitar sound that rips off your balls immediately and lets your blood brew, almighty uffta-uffta-beat is ruling, brutal deep vocals with no fucking effects, frantic feeping guitar soli, head decomposing riffing with maximum power, groove, load of groove, thunder bass, and goddamn, this drum sounds indeed like a real drum, no trigger at all, and in general, this album is real, pure and unaffected like Dismember always was: No keyboard-stuff, no clean vocals, no Metalcore-breakdown-garbage, but a great anachronistic, old sounding production.
Just Death Metal. 

“Death Conquers All” is the first penalty in the face, a massive guitar wall with the typical riffing breaks through and this song just has to be a live killer – devastating, simple, classic, effective. “Europa Burns” is brutal midtempo, riffs beyond the ground, little breaks and destroying roaring. “Under A Bloodred Sky” then shows another trademark of Dismember, like “To End It All” (which starts with a cool drum-break-intro): fantastic soli and the broad influence of Iron Maiden, twin guitar harmonies and great melodies in the vein of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, a blot of light in the surrounding blackness, Adrian Smith would be proud of it. While “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Legion” (“We rot, we bleed, we crucify your christ – we are Legion!!”) or “Tide Of Blood” are again pure aggression and destruction, “No Honour In Death” is the opposite, a real slow-motion-tank, heavy and intensive. 

Beside all brutality, Dismember’s songs always contain catchy elements which are predestinated for the live-situation. Well, what else shall I say? “Dismember” is a MUST for everyone who calls himself Death Metal-fanatic, and Dismember are still one of the leading bands in this genre. Some things never change…

rating:   9/10


Boris "Azrael"  Witta  26.03.2008

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