David Draiman - vocals

Dan Donegan - guitar

Fuzz - bass

Mike Wengren - drums

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review by Carl "adrimir" Bengtsson_____


I am reminded of a concert I attended a while back. Marilyn Manson, performing in Stockholm, Sweden, and as opening act there was this band I had never heard of, called Disturbed. I went to see Marilyn Manson, and the best thing about the concert was the opening act. I love every note they played. "Down with the sickness" and "Voices" were songs that were hard to get out of your head once you heard them.

Unfortunately, for the bands second album, I listen to it with alot more scrutinizing ears. And I'm struck with so many similarities to the first album that sometimes I don't know which song comes from which album.
As I said, I loved the first album. But when I listen to the second album, entitled "Believe", there is only one thing I can believe about it. This album seems to contain songs that weren't good enough to fit into the previous release. 

The songs have an unfinished feeling about them and, honestly, I get the feeling that this album is a poor attempt to imitate the last one. Songs such as "God of the mind" can only be described as a sequel to "Down with the sickness" and in my opinion, they are not impressive. Nu-metal should have been killed while it was still in the cradle, so we could have been spared failures such as  Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Disturbed.

Carl "adrimir" Bengtsson 


27/10/2002    Many of you may know that I have already reviewed this album. But I feel that a change is in order. The first time I listened to it, I didn't care much for it. My opinion was that it was a failure. A record made only from songs excluded from "The Sickness".

I recently went to a party with some friends of mine, and the album "Believe" was playing at full volume. It didn't take long to start singing along with songs such as "Prayer" and "Intoxication" (suitable song for such an event :-). Although the songs are rather monotonous and the same riffs are played over and over, it functions as a brain-washer and you can't help but strumming along with the rythm on your knee.

Sometimes I still get the feeling that the songs are unfinished and somewhat rough around the edges. I suppose that the first album was a fluke, a lucky-shot. Many songs from "The sickness" were played in television ("Down with the sickness", "Voices" and "Stupify"), they got to go on tour with Manson after releasing their very first album. How many videos have we seen off this album? One. How many more can we expect? None. Because the songs off this album is not video-material. There are no real hits, with the exception of "Prayer". But it's still a great party album.

Carl "adrimir" Bengtsson

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