Lead In
Transylvanian (Love)
The Heart Of Atlantis
As Mist Descends
Modus Operandi
To Forgive
Eighthundred and Seventynine
Vaya Con Diablos


Jyri Aarniva (v.)
Jarno Laakso (g.)
Sami Inkiläinen (g.)
Jukka Hoffrén (b.)
Jarno Hänninen (key.)
Janne Hänninen (d.)

DIVERCIA: "Modus Operandi"           divercia              HAMMERHEART records 
reviews by Salvo Russo and dalia di giacomo
review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo


From Finland ecco un'altra band davvero valida, che fa il suo esordio sulla scena con un cd davvero ben curato al Finnvox studios.
I nostri ci propongono qualcosa di davvero originale, essendo il sound dei nostri influenzato dai Dimmu Borgir dai Children of Bodom e addirittura dagli Entwine o Him del primo album!!!! Infatti i Divercia riescono con bravura all'interno di song brevi, a passare da sfuriate symphonic-black a parti romantic-metal con gusto e disinvoltura. I musicisti son davvero validi e l'unica nota negativa è la voce! Il singer infatti canta sempre monotono con una voce bassa e poco espressiva....unica nota negativa di un cd che per il resto gode di una buona produzione e di brani davvero belli ed originali. "Transylvanian" è un pezzo che riassume un pò il sound dei nostri....maestoso, duro, cattivo e romantico. "As mist descends" è la ballata a là "When love and death embrace"degli Him...stessa struttura di brano e stesso ritmo. Devo proprio dire che quel pezzo è imitato da tante bands...........
Quella è l'unica ballata del cd, che per il resto contiene godibilissime songs come la title-track che parte molto black metal, con una tastiera quanto mai evocativa, batteria con doppio pedale, ...per poi passare a parti molto più gothic .......Più Children of Bodom oriented è invece "Hollowed" che è caratterizzata da un riff davvero bello! La track N.9 Eighthundred and Seventynine è invece più gothic e molto più meditativa ...è li i nostri riescono a creare davvero atmosfere particolari che potranno essere ben accolte sia dall'ascoltatore di gothic e sia da quelli che amano il black a là Dimmu Borgir.
Giudizio più che positivo...ma i nostri se vogliono fare il salto di qualità devono assolutamente cambiare singer!!!!!E' un peccato davvero che canzoni cosi belle siano penalizzate da una voce assolutamente non all'altezza....

Salvo "Lovedeath77" Russo  

review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____

Yes , please dear readers and metalheads, don't tell anything! "Modus Operandi" is not the youngest album put into circulation, and to tell the truth i have it on my desktop (and often in my stereo too) since rather long time. But the fact is that already from the very first time i've heard it, i was both very surprised and unfortunately in the same time, a little bit disappointed. So i've preferred to let focalize better my feelings about it. Why reviews should be written 423 days before the album is released?? Jaysus, sometimes it's also interesting  to let time pass and see what remains of a work. Albums (within one year and even more) can always be bought. or not? And what remains of Modus Operandi? Firstly the same question: my gosh is this a voice? Secondly:  my impression is much more better now than it was a couple of months ago. I find that Divercia (formerly "Lost In Twilight") is a talented act, which deserves all the success possible in future cause they are playing a rather new musical scheme: there are elements from black , but they are not a black band. In my opinion there are chords and  settings heavily  influenced by Nightwish, but here we have not an opera oriented female voice. And i surely suggest this band to everyone who would like Nightwish indeed but is not that great admirer of opera -like vocals or too bombastic musicscapes. In Divercia we can find gothic and dark atmospheric  flavours as well, without the usual clichés bound to that genre. Well, i would say that the dark atmospheric influences are maybe stronger than one can feel and hear at a first listening.  On the whole, so an agreeable music, though not that much varied. But please, damned please, in my opinion too (like Lovedeath77 is saying) their singer has to propose himself in a rather different way. Jyri Aarniva's vocals have a certain charm, absolutely, but his voice sounds (or is) really weak (ouch ..sorry...soft) eh well but too much soft for me! Another thing i don't like is that guitars are not that much strong and heavy: they express more a slightly muffled rhytmic than energetic decision. Anyway Modus Operandi gives a sensation of heaviness thanks also the percussion technique. Ah well but paradoxally i  think that the best song they propose in this CD is that kind of HIM oriented "As mist descends". It sounds so much like "When Love and Death embrace" but  instead of appearing a boring copy, it sounds cool and fascinating: guitars express themselves a little bit better, and the slow , sad , doom atmosphere is so suitable to that...soft voice, that here founds the perfect frame.

Among the other tracks i like and suggest the rather well known title track Modus Operandi, in which all the characteristics of Divercia are well merged together,  catchy but not easy, and not commercial as well. The same i could say for Transylvanian (Love), while on the contrary the opener Lead in is more energetic and original. I would mention Eighthundred and Seventynine too, very romantic but enriched with heavy pushing rhythms.

The production is valuable Modus Operandi was recorded at the Finnvox Studios.

Are you a romantic soul, who likes a touch of mystery, a touch of black, a touch of high-class atmosphere? Yes? ,ahh too bad!! cause there is no doctor for this! , but Modus Operandi is one of the albums you will like and play, dreaming a lot!


dalia di giacomo 

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