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Frantic (Intro) 

The Flight of a Butterfly  Behind... 



Thin Line 

Dancing in the Fate 

Black Gift 


The Flight of a Butterfly (Radio edit)




Alex Antoinelli - Vocals

Daniele "Power" Mazzanti - Guitars

Diego Testa - Bass

Matteo Kiss Vellucci - Drums and percussions

Marco Zichittella - Keyboards and backing vocals

DREAM STEEL: "You"    dream steel      

                                                                                                                                               My Kingdom Music (New Dawn series)


Recorded, mixed and mastered: at Fear Studio by Dream Steel and Simone Mularoni


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

No unforgettable songs.

Mkm gets an interesting Italian melodic power bands that comes out with this “You” …an album penalized by a mediocre production but in which I notice the good technique of these musicians that leave a door open for a better future.

The band is active since 2004 and this album is a classic hard-rock & melodic power release that puts in evidence good but not original ideas…

A very good technique is showed by all members, but, in particular, I underline  Alessandro’s very good voice able to give emphasis to the melodies thanks to a brilliant timbre with expressiveness both for low and high tones…

Like in the tradition of the genre, in the songs there’s space for solos and interesting instrumental parts that put also in evidence the ability of Daniele Mazzanti and Marco Zichittella who are able to create interesting atmospheres and virtuoso solos…

The ballad “Lost” shows a good sad romantic approach  in which  interesting deep parts that remind of Labyrinth can be noticed….

“Thin line” gets a very interesting instrumental part that reflect an evident Dream Theater influence with a touch of neoclassic approach in the footprints of Symphony X..

“Danging in the fate” is a fair example of melodic metal in which the band delivers a good song-structure characterized by progressive parts arranged by a very good effects…

In my opinion the band  needs a better production, because the album seems to remind of productions of 12-13 years ago... The ideas are fair but there’s not originality…in my opinion if you listen to whole album you can’t but remind of hundred and hundred of albums and bands already existing....There are no unforgettable songs, but a global sufficiency that is penalized by a mediocre production.

rating: 6,3/10  


Salvo Russo  21.04.2008  
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